Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's new year eve

Ok, finally year 2013 is going to end, as usual I like to conclude my year here.

So, what I can say about year 2013. The words that I can think of are unstable, fluctuate, tension, stress, busy, tired, and many many negative words.

I'm 36 years old this year, and according to Chinese astrology this year is an unstable year for me. For the whole years, I'm mentally, physically and financially unstable. I try to settle down, but I never manage to do it, especially after mid year. This year, it really hit me hard.

Anyway, I'm still alive, standing still. People said, if something didn't kill you, then it will make stronger. It's a painful learning curve, but no pain no gain. Sometime, we really need to thank to the people that giving us those hard time, it let us grow up.

Nothing much I achieve this year, Basically I manage to install my house a PV system, now every month I enjoy a passive income of around RM600-RM650. These income really help me a lot when I'm in deep shit. I started to pick up my dream of becoming embedded system designer, pick up those electronics thing, learning new electronics knowledge, and I found it really change a lot since my school time. My learning speed is getting slower as compare to when I was young.

So, what I want to wish for year 2014?

First, I wish year 2014 will be a more peaceful and smoother path for me to expand my career. Secondly, I wish a good health for my family. And lastly, I wish I manage to earn some money to bring my family for a vacation this year.

And never forget for all my reader a happy new year and may your wish come true.

See you all next year.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

My garden

I would like to share this long time ago but didn't mange to get the time and mood to do it. Finally, today I share these happy news with you.

First, my longan tree finally bear some fruit since last year. It's a long wait, finally it is here.

I planted 2 honeydew and unfortunately 1 didn't make it, and the other one has been tried to bear some fruit and finally it she make it. So far it is one of the most sensitive plant I ever planted. Hope the fruit can grow large enough.

One of my favorited vegetable. Quite easy to plant, easy to get fruit also. If you like it, just buy the seed from the store and plant in the pot, it will bear fruit very fast.

This is excited, my grape tree start to bear some fruit. According to the Internet, most of the time the flower can only have 30% chances of successfully pollinated. Hope to get some nice juicy grape from my garden soon.

My passion fruit start bearing fruit since few months ago. I'm don't know why the first batch is very small, luckily the second round is bigger and healthier.

And the new member to my garden. This photo is quite old, now the plant is much bigger. Anyway, anyone know what is this? Let you guy guess and I tell you the answer in future post.

If I pluck a fruit for you a day, you will just get a fruit; if I teach you how to plant, you will get a farm of fruit waiting for you to give to others. So, start learning to farm at your home.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

I don't really know this person in detail, all I know about him is he is a great man, a Nobel Peace Price winner.

Everytime we hope we can be a great man, a hero, but hero needs lots of guts which we normal people can't afford to own it.


Some people died, but he still alive; some people alive but he is dead. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Talk about genius

When Newton discovered him law of motion, he is 24 years old; Einstein published his theory of special relativity when he was 26. Research shown that human brain reached the top form at age around 22 and after that it starts to decrease. So, when you can't become genius at age 20+, then you are no longer able to put the equal sign with the label genius.

I am 36 this year, 20+ is way too far from me. Too bad I didn't manage to achieve any special task, when I was young, that can brand myself a genius. Unfortunately I discovered that I somehow too sohai, even at my current age. People said no cure for stupidity, so I have no choice but to admit that I am sohai.

I hope even I am sohai, please let me be a happy sohai.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Different in culture

A Japan company would like to hire 10 employees, after a rigorous interview, the company selected top 10 employee from 300 candidates. On the day the company announces the employees' name, a guy called Tanaka didn't see his name, he feel disappointed and intent to perform hara-kiri. Luckily he was found early by his loved one, and Tanaka was rescued. While Tanaka was in deep sadness, the company sent good news; Tanaka was the top candidate among others, however due to the computer error, Tanaka was rejected. While Tanaka and his family were happily celebrating the good news, the company sent another message; Tanaka was removed from the list. The reason given by the company management: if such a small setback cannot be taken, this candidate will not perform in the company.  

An America company would like to hire 10 employees, after a rigorous interview, the company selected top 10 employee from 300 candidates. On the day the company announces the employees' name, a guy called Tom didn't see his name, he feel disappointed and intent to shot himself. Luckily he was found early by his loved one, and Tom was rescued. While Tom was in deep sadness, the company sent good news; Tom was the top candidate among others, however due to the computer error, Tom was rejected. While Tom and his family were happily celebrating the good news, the lawyers from all around the states come to Tom’s house. They try to convince Tom to sue the company and to request for huge amount of money for compensation, and everyone is volunteer himself to become Tom’s lawyer.

A Germany company would like to hire 10 employees, after a rigorous interview, the company selected top 10 employee from 300 candidates. On the day the company announces the employees' name, a guy called Shawn didn't see his name, he feel disappointed and intent to jump into river. Luckily he was found early by his loved one, and Shawn was rescued. While Shawn was in deep sadness, the company sent good news; Shawn was the top candidate among others, however due to the computer error, Shawn was rejected. While Shawn was happily celebrating the good news, Shawn’s parent is strongly against their son to join the company. They are very doubtful that their son can perform well in this bad efficiency company.

A China company would like to hire 10 employees, after a rigorous interview, the company selected top 10 employee from 300 candidates. On the day the company announces the employees' name, a guy called Lee didn't see his name, he feel disappointed and intent to hang himself. Luckily he was found early by his loved one, and Lee was rescued. While Lee was in deep sadness, the company sent good news; Lee was the top candidate among others, however due to the computer error, Lee was rejected. While Lee was happily celebrating the good news, Lee’s parent went to the company. Once they saw the company boss, they knee down and tearfully thanks the boss, saying their family will forever remember and thankful to the boss kindness.

A Taiwan company would like to hire 10 employees, after a rigorous interview, the company selected top 10 employee from 300 candidates. On the day the company announces the employees' name, a guy called JJ didn't see his name, he feel disappointed and intent to perform medical suicide. Luckily he was found early by his loved one, and JJ was rescued. While JJ was in deep sadness, the company sent good news; JJ was the top candidate among others, however due to the computer error, JJ was rejected. While JJ and his family were happily celebrating the good news, the media widely report the news and invite JJ to join all types of call-in entertainment shows, the whole country is discuss about why the computer is malfunction, is there any mafia involvement, the opposition is further to propose the president to step down to show responsibility. No one actually care is JJ went to work in this company.

A Bolehland company would like to hire 10 employees, after a rigorous interview, the company selected top 10 employee from 300 candidates. On the day the company announces the employees' name, a guy called Ali didn't see his name, he feel disappointed and intent to jump from building. Luckily he was found early by his loved one, and Ali was rescued. While Ali was in deep sadness, the company sent good news; Ali was the top candidate among others, however due to the computer error, Ali was rejected. While Ali and his family were happily celebrating the good news, the minister tells the news that the company system is best in the universe, and Ali was arrested under ISA. After few days, Ali was found dead in the lockup. After many years of court trials, the court concluded that Ali was suicide, his is strangle himself to dead.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why your worker leave you?

I saw an article at Facebook (I believe that is the most useful feature of Facebook) about the opinion of alibaba.com founder on the worker resignation. It's in Chinese, I will try to use my limited English with the help of Google to translate it to English.

员工的离职原因林林总总,只有两点最真实:1、钱,没给到位;2、心,委屈了。这些归根到底就一条:干的不爽。员工临走还费尽心思找靠谱的理由,就是为给你留面子,不想说穿你的管理有多烂、他对你已失望透顶。仔细想想,真是人性本善。 - 马云谈员工离职。
In English:

There are various reasons why a worker left, but there are only two reasons are real: 1st, money, not up to the level; 2nd, heart, being wronged. All these are because of a roof cause: not happy in the work. When the worker leaves, he still tried to find an excuse so that he wouldn't drop your face, he doesn't want to disclose how bad is your management skill, and how disappointed is he on you. Think thoroughly, human originally is still kind.
When I left my previous company after 10 years of servicing there, this article expressed my real reason why I left. Another article said, a worker doesn't leaves his company, but he leaves his management. A very simple fact, but how many management willing to accept that they are failure in management? How many willing to change? Worker is the most valuable properties of a company, without these workers, basically a company is a just an empty walking soul that has no direction and progress.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy mid autumn

It has been a busy month for me, I don't really know what I'm busy with but I know I need more time. Will try to settle down as soon as possible. Today is mid autumn, time fly.


Lovely poem, for all my friend out there, wish we all stay long life, watching the same moon even we are thousand miles apart.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why CEO is high paid?

Back in year 2011, I watched the movie In Time, the movie idea is great, money can buy time. How good it will be if we really can use money to buy time, but on the other hand the world will getting crueler if we can buy time.

Too bad the movie story line is not as good as its idea.

Then in year 2012, I watched the movie Upside Down.

I like the office idea, high paid management stay on the ceiling and low paid worker stand on the floor. But, again the story line is slightly disappointed with this great idea.

Then this year, year 2013, the new hot movie screening now, the Elysium.

I haven't watch the movie, so no comment on it for the moment.

So, what these movies to do with today headline? Well, as we all can see, these movies are talking about dividing human being into two groups, the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy enjoy all the good things, good health, clean and comfort environment; and the poor suffer all the shit left by the wealthy.

I read an article said, even we able to gather all the wealth and equally divided to everyone, after sometime, the wealthiness gap will back. I can't stop myself to agreed that statement, some human are just know how to make themselves as rich as possible.

Look at those CEO or the top management, they had been paid much much higher than the worker working as factory operator, the general worker, the army, and others. Have you asked a question, why these top management is so high paid?

Lets imaging a situation. Imaging now there is a top guy with plenty of money, and others are those poor people. Now, the top guy say I want to have fried chicken for meal. If, all the poor don't want make the food, then the money is useless, it will be just some useless colorful papers or some yellowish steel stones. You can't consume that nor it can be converted into fried chicken. Up to this stage, we all agreed that money is useless.

So now, since the top guy stays at so high, he must has something great about it. So, what he does in order to have fried chicken as his meal? He picks someone from the poor and assigns him as the leader of the poor and pays him very high salary, maybe a 1000 times the normal poor can earn. That lucky guy may not be highly skilled, or a genius in everything, but most of the time that lucky guy must like talking and properly dressed. So, now the happy lucky guy tell the poor, if you all work hard and follow the top guy instruction,one day you will enjoy the position that I'm enjoy now, high salary, no working hazard, no risk and you can start enjoy your life similar to what the top guy enjoying.

If you are the poor what will you do? Work la, what to do else since you are not the chosen one.

So, now you understand why CEO is a high paid guy? They are the chosen one so that you can be motivated to work harder and hopefully someday you can be the lucky chosen one also. This is the top guy carrot-and-the-donkey trick, the lucky CEO is the carrot and you all are the donkeys that work hard chasing the carrot.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My wish list

1. 5DM3 with 24-70L and 135L
2. 65" VT Panasonic plasma
3. Alienware Desktop
4. MacBook
5. Ferrari
6. Bungalow with swimming pool
7. Private jet
8. Vacation every month to oversea
9. Unlimited of incomes from all around the world
10. Villa at all around the world

Seriously, do I need these?

Monday, May 06, 2013

The new day

Yesterday everyone are excited waiting in front of the TV, the laptop screen, tablet, smartphone. We all wait with hope. Time fly and the results are ugly. I don't know how true is the facebook posts, but I saw very ugly and dirty election.

All these days we worry about how important of the voting sheet, but I saw not much of spoiled votes meaning everyone handles it correctly. Then the phantom voters, I'm not sure how true is the facebook posts again, but I believe based on the captured photos, the phantom voters will not go to the voting center and cast their vote, why they need to take the hassle if they can just cast the vote some place, pack it and sent to the counting center? About the sudden blackout, something is fishy. Boleh1and has the most stable power supply in this region, how can it suddenly blackout at the most critical point? Maybe everyone is so excited and cause the electrical overload and trip. Anything can happen here.

If there are no dirty tricks, then we really lose. Previously election the MIC dead, this time MCA dead, now we have government with only UMNO representatives, it is not healthy, although it makes no different even MIC and MCA is there. We all hope for a new chapter, but the people are not ready this time. Still got lots of people looking at their own interest and pocket when casting the vote, that is the dirty side of politic, the money politic. I can't blame them since that is their right.

Too all my friends, please don't give up, we have done what we can do to help for a better tomorrow. We have lost, but lost with pride cause we know more than 50% of rakyat want a new government. The world is not end yet, the sun will still rise today and there are lot more to do. Let's start prepares for the next five years. We will win one day.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Time out

I have never feel so Malaysian today.
May god bless the justices.

It's 5pm now, the voting process end in this minute. Let's pray for better tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Labor day

Today is labor day, so I start working since morning. First start with realign the PV modules, but not really successful since very limited space to adjust. Then, painting the structure. It's tire day for me, but a meaningful one.

Still got 4 more days and I hope we will have a totally new Bolehland. We have been living in the unfair and corrupted country  for so many decades, it is time for a restart.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Definition of insanity in Oxford dictionary:
the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness; extreme foolishness or irrationality.
Definition of insanity by Einstein:
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
To all the Boleh1and voter, if you have repeated 55 years of unlimited test and failure, you do not need to repeat the test again this time and I can ensure you the result will be the same. So, please change to other method, it may bring you to the next lever.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The engineer's principles

Recently I was preparing my very first solar PV system. Since, I, myself is a qualify person, so most of the item I will DIY to reduce my cost. My recently renovation had put my into very tight financial situation.

I had asked my piping sub-cond to do the framework for me since I have knew him for more than 10 years. At first I was thinking to galvanise my c-channel, but after checking the price, I had decided to paint the channel myself. Each length of C-channel is about RM127, but the galvanise cost for each length is RM88, which mean I need to pay about extra 1k for 12 lengths of c-channel. But to paint the channel, I only need around a hundred of good quality paint.

You can said I'm stingy, but I called it thrifty. I willing to pay for extra steel thickness, but I not willing to pay for the galvanisation. 1k is lot of money, it's more than my monthly salary when I get my first job. My principle on spending money, pay for something I need and not something I want. I willing to pay for extract strength cause that is the most important item in the project. I want something that is safe, last longer, and I don't need to worry after I had built it. But for galvanise the channel, if the price is ok, says around RM300, the I will galvanise it. But 1k is way too far from my budget. So I choose to paint it myself.

It's not an easy job to paint the channel under the hot sun, anyway I manage to finish it. Now the frame is up, and I going to do the electrical wiring myself. By 1 more week, my system will be online and hopefully the summer will give me some extra income to cover my investment.

So, if you interested to install solar PV for your house and become one of the FiT holder to sell generated power to TNB with a premium price, please just drop me an email and I will get to you. You can download the following brochure for your reference.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The unfair game

All these years I alway believed that all politicians are same, they will tell you lot of sweet stories and at the end they only take care thier own pocket.

But these few days the news change my believes. What the hell wrong with a Singaporean car fetching Malaysian back to thier home town to vote? Why last minute questioning rocket registration? Why? Are you so kiasu, kiasi and kiabo?

This is the most dirtiest election in Bolehland history, and it is you that show us how dirty you are. Even someone that don't have political preference will feel pissed cause you are playing dirtly. The whole world will look down on you, cause you don't deserve to be respected as a politician. Anyone that still have little of humanity will vote you out as you don't play the game fairly and gentlemanly. The spirit behind democracy is fairness. Without fairness, please don't use the word democracy, and don't waste our time and money for the monkey election show.

To all the politicians, put you guts out, win the game with pride and lose it with respect.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Management Story

I found this from FB, very interesting story, but in Chinese.



最后,在山洞里,一只狮子在一堆白骨之间,满意的剔着牙读着兔子交给它的文章,题目:“《一只动物,能力大小关键要看你的老板是谁》。 ”



一只小鹿走过来,“兔子,你在干什么啊?”“写文章!”“什么题目?”“《浅谈兔子是怎样吃掉狼》”! “哈哈,这个事情全森林都知道啊,你别胡弄我了,我是不会进洞的”,兔子曰:“我马上要退休了,狮子说要找个人顶替我,难道你不想这篇文章的兔子变成小鹿么?”小鹿想了想,终于忍不住诱惑,跟随兔子走进洞里。过了一会,兔子独自走出山洞,继续写文章。一只小马走过来,同样是事情发生了。最后,在山洞里,一只狮子在一堆白骨之间,满意的剔着牙读着兔子交给它的文章,题目是:《如何发展下线动物为老板提供食物》。


随着时间的推移,狮子越长越大,兔子的食物已远远不能填饱肚子。一日,他告诉兔子:“我的食物量要加倍,例如:原来4天一只小鹿,现在要2天一只,如果一周之内改变不了局面我就吃你。于是,兔子离开洞口,跑进森林深处,他见到一只狼:“你相信兔子能轻松吃掉狼吗? ”狼哈哈大笑,表示不信,于是兔子把狼领进山洞。过了一会,兔子独自走出山洞,继续进入森林深处,这回他碰到一只野猪----“你相信兔子能轻松吃掉野猪吗? ”野猪不信,于是同样的事情发生了。原来森林深处的动物并不知道兔子和狮子的故事!最后,在山洞里,一只狮子在一堆白骨之间,满意的剔着牙读着兔子交给它的文章,题目是:《如何实现由坐商到行商的转型为老板提供更多的食物》。


时间飞快,转眼之间,兔子在森林里的名气越来越大,因为大家都知道它有一个很历害的老板。这只小兔开始横行霸道,欺上欺下,没有动物敢惹。它时时想起和乌龟赛跑的羞辱,它找到乌龟说:“三天之内,见我老板!”扬长而去。乌龟难过的哭了,这时却碰到了一位猎人,乌龟把这事告诉了他。猎人哈哈大笑,于是森林里发生了一件重大事情,猎人披着狮子皮和乌龟一起在吃兔子火锅,地下丢了半张纸片歪歪扭扭的写着:山外青山楼外楼,强中还有强中手啊! ! !




Saturday, April 13, 2013


The word inception mean start or beginning of something but according to the movie Inception, it means planting an idea into someone's mind through his/her dream. I love that movie, one of the best movie I ever watch. I don't know what is the correct word to use that means planting an idea, but inception sound professional to me.

The Boleh1and will going to have the general election soon. This time will be one of the most critical election moment in the history, whether the old government continue its power or the new blood is replacing them. No matter who you support, please remember to use your vote to tell the world, that is the only chance you can have what you wish to have if majority people agreed with your dream. If you watch TV news or newspaper, you will notice that the police and the government told us that the opposition is preparing to sabotage the election. I never heard about this before this election, so why this time opposition want to sabotage? If you think deeply, I believe you know the answer, to scare everyone, to tell everyone opposition is an evil party, a dirty player. It's an inception, planting an idea in everyone mind that if you don't want riot, then choose back the old government, else there will be riot.

Lets do a logic analysis. First of all, lets say existing party win the election, will it be riot? Basically, no, because all these years the opposition has lost so many time and nothing happen, so it wouldn't be any riot. Now, let say the new party win, will it be riot? Well, definitely no. Since they win, they should celebrate not riot. But will the loser make riot? Maybe, but since the new government has taken the control, it is very unwise to riot cause the new opposition will be in trouble. So, don't worry about the riot. As a resident, do what our duty is.

You will see lots of people like to use the inception technique to reach their target. A water filter salesman will told you how dirty is the pipe water, and they like to show the chlorine test demonstration and tell you how dangerous is the chlorine in the water. But we all know, chlorine is one of the solution for disinfection and EPA has limit to 4mg/l and WHO has lower limit of 0.2-1.0mg/l. I personally didn't do the chlorine residual test so I didn't know what is the limit of our drinking water. Will do it someday. Anyway, lots of people spending few thousand dollar for a filter that use to filter chlorine, which for me is extremely expensive. To remove chlorine, we only need active carbon, a hundred plus water filter will do the job. So, stay calm, our drinking water is safe to consume. Anyway, get a good filter that have been tested by NSF, not "Balakong mali" kind of expensive filter.

So, when you listen to someone talking, think about the real meaning and motive behind those wordings. Once they successfully planting their idea in your mind, you are doomed.

Monday, April 08, 2013


Another wave of Korean storm.

P.S. I'm not pervert.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The dark force

I can't recall since when this place is full with dark forces. My EQ has dropped to the lowest point in my life for the pass few months.

I'm turning 36 this year, I know it will be a fluctuate year for me. All I ask is please make me strong to go through all these.

I would like to tell you my stories but I think I just keep it for some time first. Sometime it is very difficult to explain your thought and principle to someone else, and it is harder for people to understand it and accept it.

I have tried my best to do what I can do and what I should do, although I may not be right all the time.

The never die spirit will knock down the dark force, a hard one.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Got this very meaningful quote from FB.

Friday, March 01, 2013


I learn something from my renovation experience, from the screws. You noticed that there are plenty types of screws that available in the market: flat head, pan head, round head, slot drive, philips drive, pozidriv, M6 thread, M8, thread,  1/2" length, 1" length, 1 1/4" length, self-treading, non-tapered, and many many more. Each type of screw has their own usage and purpose, some type of screw can be used at multiple different situation, some are dedicated to certain condition.

Then I start to realized that friend also has many different type: friend that you can go have a cup of drink, friend that you can tell your secret, friend that you can work together, friend that you can do business together, friend that you can share happiness, friend that you can share your burden, and many many type.

Some friends can have fun together but can't work together; some friends can do business but can't share burden; some friends can work as colleague but can't talk. Each "type" of friend has their "functionality", some have multiple "functions" and some only one "function".

Lot of times, we categorized a friend by studying that person's behaviors, way of talking, through deduction, and sometime we just stop that person to become part of our friend list. The worst method that we use to categorize a friend is through failure, but most of the time when something failed, we can do better judgement and conclusion. I am very lousy in this, most of the time I start to realize after I'd failed.

If I suddenly become a stranger to you, it doesn't I hate you. It is just mean, I need to re-categorize you in a different group so that both of us have a better space. I do not know any better way to do this process, my very low EQ only allow me to use this method. So, don't worry, I am a very simple person, you can read all my feeling from my face. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A new year wish

Tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year, after so many busy days, finally most of the tasks have been completed. I wish next week I can have a noon nap with my princess.

Ok, not intend to write too much today, just want to make a wish that my princess can go and watch this movie with me.

p.s. my desktop is getting slower and slower :(

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy re-working day

Today I started to work, back to office, alone. Everyone is still having their holiday, but I just come back to office since people say today is good day to start working.

Nothing much done, just spring cleaning my table after a year, find sub-cont and have a lunch and chit-chat about the future job, tidy up some admin staff, go shopping for my house item :p

This new year is very different from my previous one cause I still tidy up my house into move in condition, the works like never end, the list are getting longer and longer when I start work on an area. Hopefully, I can settle it very soon.

Didn't go anyway this new year, hope this year I can bring my family for a vacation near by.

My princess is getting naughtier, my wife always complain my daughter act like me, but I'm not so sure about that, the only thing I'm sure is she got very bad temper. Anyway, hope she can grow up healthier and happier this year.

OK, for those start working today, wish you a happy beginning and a fruitful year, and for those still holiday, enjoy your holiday with your family.

By the way, the following movie will just cheer you up.

Friday, February 08, 2013

It's February

Time flew, and it is February, Chinese New Year is just around the conner. I have been struggle to complete my renovation since December and yet to complete.

I have been painting the room for the whole week, starting from 7am until go to work; at night continue until mid night. It's tired, bit once I think of my princess, all these are nothing. Finally I done the indoor painting, will continue the painting job for outdoor after the new year.

It has been 5 months since I start the renovation. The lesson I learned is never renovate your house after you moved in. It is a nightmare if you try to do that. And never ever try to save money by employ workers to conduct the renovation yourself. You wouldn't save much, some more there is no warranty on the workmanship. Seriously if I knew it I will suffer like this, I will sub the whole renovation to the proper renovation company.

Ok, my eyes can't open any more. Bye.