Saturday, April 13, 2013


The word inception mean start or beginning of something but according to the movie Inception, it means planting an idea into someone's mind through his/her dream. I love that movie, one of the best movie I ever watch. I don't know what is the correct word to use that means planting an idea, but inception sound professional to me.

The Boleh1and will going to have the general election soon. This time will be one of the most critical election moment in the history, whether the old government continue its power or the new blood is replacing them. No matter who you support, please remember to use your vote to tell the world, that is the only chance you can have what you wish to have if majority people agreed with your dream. If you watch TV news or newspaper, you will notice that the police and the government told us that the opposition is preparing to sabotage the election. I never heard about this before this election, so why this time opposition want to sabotage? If you think deeply, I believe you know the answer, to scare everyone, to tell everyone opposition is an evil party, a dirty player. It's an inception, planting an idea in everyone mind that if you don't want riot, then choose back the old government, else there will be riot.

Lets do a logic analysis. First of all, lets say existing party win the election, will it be riot? Basically, no, because all these years the opposition has lost so many time and nothing happen, so it wouldn't be any riot. Now, let say the new party win, will it be riot? Well, definitely no. Since they win, they should celebrate not riot. But will the loser make riot? Maybe, but since the new government has taken the control, it is very unwise to riot cause the new opposition will be in trouble. So, don't worry about the riot. As a resident, do what our duty is.

You will see lots of people like to use the inception technique to reach their target. A water filter salesman will told you how dirty is the pipe water, and they like to show the chlorine test demonstration and tell you how dangerous is the chlorine in the water. But we all know, chlorine is one of the solution for disinfection and EPA has limit to 4mg/l and WHO has lower limit of 0.2-1.0mg/l. I personally didn't do the chlorine residual test so I didn't know what is the limit of our drinking water. Will do it someday. Anyway, lots of people spending few thousand dollar for a filter that use to filter chlorine, which for me is extremely expensive. To remove chlorine, we only need active carbon, a hundred plus water filter will do the job. So, stay calm, our drinking water is safe to consume. Anyway, get a good filter that have been tested by NSF, not "Balakong mali" kind of expensive filter.

So, when you listen to someone talking, think about the real meaning and motive behind those wordings. Once they successfully planting their idea in your mind, you are doomed.