Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why CEO is high paid?

Back in year 2011, I watched the movie In Time, the movie idea is great, money can buy time. How good it will be if we really can use money to buy time, but on the other hand the world will getting crueler if we can buy time.

Too bad the movie story line is not as good as its idea.

Then in year 2012, I watched the movie Upside Down.

I like the office idea, high paid management stay on the ceiling and low paid worker stand on the floor. But, again the story line is slightly disappointed with this great idea.

Then this year, year 2013, the new hot movie screening now, the Elysium.

I haven't watch the movie, so no comment on it for the moment.

So, what these movies to do with today headline? Well, as we all can see, these movies are talking about dividing human being into two groups, the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy enjoy all the good things, good health, clean and comfort environment; and the poor suffer all the shit left by the wealthy.

I read an article said, even we able to gather all the wealth and equally divided to everyone, after sometime, the wealthiness gap will back. I can't stop myself to agreed that statement, some human are just know how to make themselves as rich as possible.

Look at those CEO or the top management, they had been paid much much higher than the worker working as factory operator, the general worker, the army, and others. Have you asked a question, why these top management is so high paid?

Lets imaging a situation. Imaging now there is a top guy with plenty of money, and others are those poor people. Now, the top guy say I want to have fried chicken for meal. If, all the poor don't want make the food, then the money is useless, it will be just some useless colorful papers or some yellowish steel stones. You can't consume that nor it can be converted into fried chicken. Up to this stage, we all agreed that money is useless.

So now, since the top guy stays at so high, he must has something great about it. So, what he does in order to have fried chicken as his meal? He picks someone from the poor and assigns him as the leader of the poor and pays him very high salary, maybe a 1000 times the normal poor can earn. That lucky guy may not be highly skilled, or a genius in everything, but most of the time that lucky guy must like talking and properly dressed. So, now the happy lucky guy tell the poor, if you all work hard and follow the top guy instruction,one day you will enjoy the position that I'm enjoy now, high salary, no working hazard, no risk and you can start enjoy your life similar to what the top guy enjoying.

If you are the poor what will you do? Work la, what to do else since you are not the chosen one.

So, now you understand why CEO is a high paid guy? They are the chosen one so that you can be motivated to work harder and hopefully someday you can be the lucky chosen one also. This is the top guy carrot-and-the-donkey trick, the lucky CEO is the carrot and you all are the donkeys that work hard chasing the carrot.