Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to reset Toshiba Satellite L645 bios password

Just in case you are using this notebook, and you had accidentally set the bios password and unfortunately you had forgotten the password.

I have tried to search for a simple method from Internet on how to reset this model but what I got are methods for old models and they are using very odd way to reset the bios password. I really can't found anything useful from the Internet on this. So, I got no choice but to try my luck to reset the bios using very old way, disconnect the RTC battery.

First you have to disconnect the battery and the power supply. Then unscrew the two small screws below the power battery in order to dismantle the keyboard's.top cover. Once you have unscrewed the two screws, carefully take out the keyboard's top cover. Then unscrew the three small screws that holding the keyboard.

Once the keyboard can be detached, you can unscrew all the screws marked as F5 and F3 and three small stainless steel screws under the power battery. Remember to put all these screws at a proper place so that you wouldn't loss it.

Once it is unscrewed, you can easily open the notebook cover. The RTC battery is located under the keyboard, about the size of 5 cents Bolehland money. Use a small screw driver and take out the battery and let it discharge for few minutes.

After that, put all the screws back following reverse order. After done, on the power and waola, the bios setting has been reset.

I do not know is it work for other model of notebook of not, you may try it if that is the only you have. Good luck.