Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I receive my increment letter yesterday. Somehow it's below the expectation and lower than last few years when the company don't have much job that time.

According to the info is that we loss money for the projects that we had done in the last year. So far I know there are more than 5 projects I had fully commissioned, and most of then are loss money.

I'm wonder, maybe I should told my boss that they can reduce my salary since the company loss money, therefore I also embarrassed to ask more from them.

Maybe I should told my boss about this tomorrow, see I can help them or not.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Busy, busy and busy!

It's a busy year for me. Maybe everyone in my company. Everyone is doing their portion of the works. As usual, the Pareto principle applied here. Some people pretend to be busy, some look very busy, some are screaming cause too busy, some are quietly doing their works, and some try to block everyone from moving forward in order to wait for them. And once again 80% of the job is done by 20% of the worker. Whether you are the 20% stupid genius or the 80% wisely idiot, boss wouldn't know. However, those can talk nicely is a very hardworking staff in boss's eyes, and those take bad words or don't talk at all is the lousy workers.

As usual I always scream to my boss cause I'm overloaded this time. I seldom do writing task cause my English is weak. But this time, I'm floated with documents and documents and documents.

There are two kind of workers in this world, a talker and an implementer.

A talker usually is very good in writing and reporting, e.g lawyer and manager. They usually have ability to "convert" the shit become gold using their mouth.

On the other hand, an implementer is usually equipped with lots of knowledge and skill. They usually can't talk or write in "proper" manner. They usually know how to clean the shit by using their dirty hand.

I think the God is fair. Everyone was awarded with a skill for your to continue live in this world. If you still able to stay in this world, that mean you are still a winner, or else you wouldn't be here anymore.

For all the winner, cheer!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm not Donald Trump, therefore this is a nightmare of your life time. However you will be awarded as the most stupid guy in the company.

  1. You must have high IQ > 140.
  2. You must have dumb look.
  3. You must able to work 7x24 a week.
  4. You must no off your hand phone after working hour.
  5. You must do everything, from photocopy to engineering until clean shit.
  6. You must be poor.
  7. You may have defect in speaking ability.
  8. You must not afraid of height.
  9. If you are married, you have to learn to live without your wife.
  10. If you got girl friend, you have to prepare to let her go.
If you are interested to be my apprentice, please write in with your resume and photo. Only short listed candidate will be interview.

Friday, January 19, 2007

100 best companies to work for 2007

When will my company can be listed.
Death Note 2: The Last Name

Can't wait to see this movie.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The war has begun

Finally, first bullet has been fired and engineering department is not only facing strong outsider but also internal civil war.

It will be a tough war, but justice will stand on our side.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A joke

A salesman, and engineer, and a technician are driving in a car when, just outside of town, they get a flat tire. The three of them get out of the car and scratch their heads.

The salesman says, "Maybe I should walk into town and get us a new tire. I know that I can bargain with the man at the parts store and get us a great deal."

The engineer stops him, saying, "No, before you do that, we'll have to do some computations, figuring the grade of the road, the asphalt temperature, and the average rate of speed we will be traveling to know what kind of tire you should buy."

The technician laughs and shakes his head. "No, no, no! What's wrong with you guys? Hell, we have a spare tire in the trunk - now all we have to do is start swapping tires until we find the flat one!"

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Working overnight yesterday, from 2PM until today 9AM. Two group of peoples working overnight, a pipe work and an electrical work. It’s just not my day.

I overlook again the pipe works. Damn! Sometime I hope my boss will permanent put me at one site so I can be more concentrate. Just feel down when things are not running as plan.

Well, electrical works is fine and simple, but somehow, I have to go back there to fix some control this afternoon (luckily, Cheong is helping me to drive me there and back, cause I only able to sleep for about 4 hours).

It is the first time I working overnight since last year April, after a long rest. Not very tire, but my leg is pain. I think I need to buy a new safety shoe.

Now feel sleepy, I hope the client don't call me at night. Nightmare!

Later go to see my girl :)
I wonder what she look like XD

And not forget my junior, I think this is the first time he working overnight. Young man, practice more cause more will coming.

By the way, this is my 101 posts. Hope I can write more in the near future.

Friday, January 12, 2007


1. Manager
  • Scope of works
    • To entertain customer
  • Responsibility
    • Make sure the customer is happy
  • Qualification
    • Must be graduate from UM, prefer first class student
  • Working period
    • Only need to work for three days a week
  • Benefit
    • Transport allowances and entertainment allowances

2. CAD Engineer
  • Scope of works
    • To draw CAD drawing and surf net
  • Responsibility
    • Make sure go home at 6PM
  • Qualification
    • None
  • Working period
    • 5 working days with 32 days of annual leaves.
  • Benefit
    • Endless coffee and tea
    • Engineers to help on finish the drawing if don't want to do
3. Engineer
  • Scope of works
    • Everything. From documentation until site coordination
    • Make CAD drawing
    • Photocopy, clean manager's shit
  • Responsibility
    • Make sure everything is working
  • Qualification
    • Must be graduate from university
    • Stupid but high IQ
  • Working period
    • 7 x 24 a week
  • Benefit
    • May give you bonus if the management is happy with your dumb look

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My new toy

I have been using Contrec 212 energy (BTU) meter since the first day and currently I alway receive complain from my client about this meter. I am very disappointed with the service and reply give be the supplier on the meter problems. It's seen that the meter have very serious manufacturer bugs (reseting cumulative energy, unstable in taking pulse input, hang,...). I have try to find replacement for my next project and finally I found this.

I'm still testing it, but from the menu and the feature, I hope this unit will not disappoint me.

Anyway, for new project it will be my selected meter. Will review it in very near future.
I’m getting busy with my works again. Three running projects in hand. I can’t imaging what will happen in near future.

Yesterday I have my lunch around 4.30PM, my stomach feel very uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I think it’s another symptom of getting old. I know this is just the beginning; more will come in very near future.

You must be wondering how much bonus I get for this year. Well, I still haven’t got it, but rumor said not more than a month. I think I must be stupid.

I really think I am.

Last few months ago, my company outsource our office PC and networking to a company. All the while, I was the guy in charge of the office computer and networking since I joined the company. I really want to thanks my company for giving me opportunity to earn some credit card points meanwhile maintain my interest and knowledge in IT. Somehow, my company is caring about my working loads and they finally outsource the company IT to outsider (I hope my assumption is correct).

At first, the IT subcontractor come quite frequent and they solve most of the company IT problem although sometime the solution is expensive (who care about the extra few Ringgits). Somehow, some of my colleagues still prefer to ask me to solve their computer problem. I want to thanks them for believing in me although they are actually wasting company resources.

Lately, I feel like working for the IT subcontractor. They just keep on postpone to come to my office until I have to solve their problems. Sorry to tell you all that, they don’t pay me, not even a thank you.

Actually I don’t mind to help my colleagues to solve their PC problems in urgent case (for free, since I already done that for almost five years), but since the company already outsource the company IT then I think I shall not do these works. If the subcontractor is not performing, I hope I am not the person to bring up the issue to the management. If I really did, the will be rumors flying around.

Hey, I don’t afraid of rumors, but I just want to have some peaceful days.

We are ISO Company; there must be a measurement and comparison system that can be applied in this case. I hope management can start to do that.

I admit I’m stupid, but I know 1+1=2, just I don’t know how to prove it. Do you?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stupidity Test

Follow the instructions and see until what level of stupidity you are.

Remember, follow the instructions.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finally, it's end...

I never feel so relax since last 3 months. Finally I submit it will some minor spelling error. Who care!

I really want to thanks Cheong. He's the genius, without him I don't think I can finish it.

At last I can have a nice dream tonight.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Judgment day

Whether I can release my million tonnes burden or not tomorrow?

Wish me good luck.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New year present from our caring government

Today good news, our government has reduced the road tax because they want to reduce our burden. I feel grateful after reading the news. Am I?

In the other hand, the LDP toll has increased RM0.60 to RM1.60. Now, if I use the road everyday once, then I need to pay extra RM1.20 everyday. Every month I need to pay RM36.00 and every year I pay RM432.00. WTF is our government defining the "to reduce the burden"!

This is not yet include the increased petrol, electricity and water.

That how they called "caring" action!

Hey, why don't those cower direct told us that "We, the government, has robbed thousand dollar from you, the stupid resident, and now we return you some sweet.

If someone dare to say this in the parliament, we will all give him our big hand.