Sunday, December 31, 2006

Once again, I'm the genius!

I just came back from Ikea. Lots of people there and everyone is celebrating the coming new year. But I go there to buy promotion item, Billy bookshelf, selling RM99 per unit (normal price about RM189, if I not wrong).

Ok, it's 202cm height and 80cm width. O_o Shit!!! But I like that bookshelf.

After measure my car length, I bought 2 units. Guess what, I almost dismantle my car just to put the two damn heavy bookshelf in. How I do that? I show you tomorrow :)

Once again, I'm telling you I'm a genius, wah ha ha ha ....I'm the best of the best of the best....

and My SEG is still the best car ever make, wah ha ha ha ....

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!
It's New Year's eve

2006 just reached it's end. 2007 is coming. Time is moving faster and faster, I think I'm getting old.

What I have done in 2006? What I get from 2006? What is my plan and wish for 2007?

Every year these are the common question everyone will ask themselves.

2006 is a meaningful year for me although I still have some wishes hanging there.

Anyway, writing something personal on New Year's eve is just making the day blue. So I just wish you all Happy New Year, good ending and lucky start. Cheer!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Today the Internet is slow, very slow. The Taiwan earthquake had destroyed the underwater communication cables. Most of the line are down. We are go back to the dial-up age again :(

Futher news read here

Luckily not many people killed by the earthquake.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chara with Yen town band - My way

I like this song and also the movie. Enjoy.

... and not forget season greeting, Merry X'mas.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm a illegal driver

Today I go to post office to renew my driving license. I went to the big post office in Gombak. Once I reach there, I saw a huge notice that the JPJ is off-line. To bad, I need to go for other branch.

After that I went to Subang Jaya, another big post office. Once again I saw the big notice said that JPJ off-line. Ok, now I can't renew my license. I will drive my car illegally for three days until Tuesday. By then I hope the off-line issue had been solve by our "Malaysia Boleh" engineer.

This is industrial norm, I think. Last time I went to bank I saw off-line problem; post office as usual most of the time is off-line; government payment counter, off-line.

I wonder why it's happen? Is Malaysia lack of IT people? But I heard we have Cyberjaya and also MSC. Or Malaysia is full with lazy worker?

(Notes: Lazy people is not equal to idiot, somehow they can be consider as most intelligent creature on Earth)

I always use bypass road, not because I'm poor, but I just don't want to pay toll to those rich peoples. They are too rich to begging from me. The most famous bypass I used is the Hicom Glenmarie to bypass the Federal Highway toll to go to Klang to see my pretty lady :).

There are two traffic lights, distance less than 100m. Every time after the first traffic light, I need to wait about a minute in front of the second traffic light. I wonder these engineers know something about synchronizations? Do there ever lean about optimization problem? Or do they know the formula to relate the distance, time and speed?

However, this road is not the worst. I think the worst design of traffic light is at Central Market. They are suck!

We do not need to show to people how clever / intelligent we are, but please also don't let people laugh and curse on your stupidity.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Engineer's dilemma

All the while I'm teasing manager in making decision. However, today I facing same problem.

Wireless or fiber optic communication medium?

I'm majoring in computer and communication for my Degree, but communication is my weakest subject. I try to study hard but still the result is bad. Luckily I'm able to graduate :)

After working with wired (copper and fiber optic) communication for five years, I had promise myself to breakthrough this limit. I want to use wireless in my future project.

In end of year 2005, I have a project in hand (this was my most failure project) and I want to experiment with wireless communication. However, because of the cost of these wireless devices, I had abandon my dream.

In end of year 2006, once again, I have a project and I promise myself I will use wireless this time. Due to the cost, I can only choose wireless or fiber optic.

Everyone is choosing fiber optic, because it's "traditional" way of communication. Everyone is thinking that fiber optic is a "safe" choice.

If I choose wireless and at the end if this solution failed, I will in deep shit, but if I success no one will know. I don't mind to take risk, since I already a deadwood in my company :|, another failure to me is just a "norm" again. But because of my personal dream and I let everyone else to take risk with me. Can I do this?

First step is the most difficult step, it may fail but if you don't move your leg, you will alway standing there, forever.

One day I will make my first move. I will not be a hero, no one will notice the move I had make, but by then I'm in front of you :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cancel leave

I cancel my leave today not because people ask me, but I'm too boring staying at home facing all these stupid papers.

Another 3 weeks (hopefully) I will free from all these torturing paper.

I will be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! wah ha ha ha ha ......

Where do I stop just now........

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Picture of the day

I captured this photo in front of my high school. I wonder how many person can survive under extreme condition.

Monday, December 11, 2006

She at German

I fetched my girl friend to KLIA yesterday night, and she will be at Germany until next Monday. Start to miss her now.

* I'm VERY FREE this week. Guy remember to call me if you got NICE place to go XD

Saturday, December 09, 2006

How to get phone number from girl on the street

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Microsoft lunch Zune last month and what people said about it?

After reading these reviews I just can’t stop myself laugh at these genius who create a nice device but “functionless”, just like Xbox. They should learn more from iPod and Playstation.

But bear in mind Microsoft is very good in long term war. She can terminate anyone larger and dominance at this time slowly and softly.

Prove 1: I wonder where is Lotus 1.2.3?
Prove 2: Palm OS was once dominating the market of PDA, but I just saw Palm Treo 700w using Windows Mobile.
Prove 3: What C/C++ compiler you are using now? Borland C++ Builder no longer with us :(

The lesson today:

Don’t look down on your enemy; if you don’t move forward, you are going to lose your territory.

Although I hope iPod and Playstation can still able to laugh at Microsoft in future but I know sooner or later Zune and Xbox will dominate the consumer market.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I had submitted my very first draft of my thesis to my supervisor, after non sleep for few weeks (I wonder my supervisor will read it. Anyway there is still lot of works to do).

I’m not sure whether there are anyone enjoys reading thesis, but as a thesis writer, it’s a torturing process indeed. We create something that no one will read. For me I rather go to the book store and spent RM8 for a NuiYou that have 200++ pages of pretty girls and artists.

I can’t write / talk proficient not only in English, even Chinese, I have limited words in my mind. Once again I respect my company ISO consultant. This bugger can spent 3 hours just to explain my company objective which only contain not more than 30 words. Salute! Anyhow this guy earns money from talking and his “non-stop English words generator” builds inside his head.

He just repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat……. and repeat and all your money go into his pocket. Damn, I regret why I don’t learn my English seriously in school. Now what I have is only equations and formulas.

These skills wouldn’t make money and I have to work like hell. See, the law of work already explain that, time is money and knowledge is power; work = power x time. So the more knowledge you have the lesser money for you if the work is constant. That why we work like hell in order to maintain the salary when more experience and knowledge acquired from day to day. Only one day when we “format” our brain and become boss then money will come into our pocket :)

I’m happy today because since morning until evening no one calls to ask me to cancel my leave. Thanks God, finally I can really rest for a day. But in the afternoon, one of my colleague call me and ask me to do some calculation for one of the stupid company (anyhow, these fuckers [sorry to use this very rude word, but I just can’t stop to calling them like this] are not stupid, they can ask a genius to do work for them. Shit I think I’m the stupid) because we only give them raw data and they want to have processed data. Ok, one day I will teach these fuckers a lesson; they have to know who is their cook.