Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mona Lisa

Ok, before I start to write about my Paris-London trip, I want to share something about the painting of da Vinci, the Mona Lisa.

When I visit to Louvre museum and I saw hundred of peoples standing in front of the Mona Lisa and taking picture of it, and I change my zoom lens and standing behind these peoples and take this famous painting. Because the painting is so expensive, it is covered with a piece of glass, and you can see the reflection of the peoples at the bottom part of the photo. According to the wiki, about 6 million of peoples went to Louvre to see this painting every year O.O

At that time I wonder, what make this painting so famous. If you had visited to Louvre museum before, you will saw lot of very great, huge and colorful paintings hanging on the wall, and Mona Lisa is actually only 30" x 21" in size, and the color is actually quite dull. But I have to agree that da Vinci is definitely a better painter than me :p

So, I search the internet about the Mona Lisa painting and one of the answer is that, this is a revolution painting and lot of new styles and techniques of painting are used or created by the master Leonardo da Vinci.

The second question is that who is the lady in the picture? According to the wiki again, she is Lisa del Giocondo. So, who is she? Well, according to wiki again, she is a mother of six children and just an ordinary person.

Leonardo spent almost 16 years to finish this masterpiece and luckily he finish the drawing before he died. So, I have to respect this genius for his passion in his work.