Friday, April 09, 2010

Paris-London trip - Prologue

Ok everyone, when you read this post, I'm on the flight to Paris. Hohoho ^^
Please don't jealous me, but if you do, I also don't mind :p

Long time no go vacation with my wife, last time I call her my girl. The last trip is last 2 years when we went to visit Angkor Wat with my colleagues, a wonderful trip actually.

So this time, we will going to Paris and London for honeymoon ^^
Please don't jealous me again :p

Don't have much time to plan the trip actually, so hope I can cover as much tourist areas as possible. Definitely will take as many photos as I can and post as many photos as I can and as fast as possible.

Ok, so, happy holiday to me and "HAPPY WORKING" and "HAPPY SCHOOLING" to your all, wahahahahahahaha......

Will try to update at Abu Dhabi if time allow. Bye bye :p