Saturday, April 03, 2010

About running

Well, finished the 1/2 night marathon last Saturday night. I got the result yesterday, ranking at 491 with 2:50 hours, and the first place finish his run about 1 hour++, I wounder how he do that -.-

According to fanshue's father, we should finish the run around 2 hours. So extra 50 minutes telling me, I'm very weak. My legs start to cramp after 2 hours of running and I can't really can run fast, so most of the time walk and run slowly. And the last 2km seem like 20km to me :_( so torturing. However, we manage to finish the run in time.

Before the run, fanshue told me he don't want to run for 21km for the coming KL marathon, but after the run, he changes his mind ^.^ another serious runner. So, me and him go to run for 21km again in the coming KL marathon fall on 27/6.

Lots of my friend also surprise, what happen to this sohai. I never able to finish my PJ (pendidikan jasmani, sorry, I'm too old to remember the subject already :_() running test. And after so many, I start to fall in love with this sport. Hope before 40, I can at least run for full marathon once.

So, take this opportunity to invite everyone of you to join this international event, KL marathon, no matter you are running full, 1/2, 10km or 5km, take this opportunity to test your stamina, create a habit of exercise, and to join the crowd.

So, see you there.

Running is a very lonely sport. But it calm your mind.