Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update again

There is neither U-turn nor moving forward.

Still slow like not moving T.T

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I don't know how high I am, but I just continue to climb up.

Update: Still slow, tell me why it happen? Why?

In the boring Friday evening

Ok, Friday again, holiday for the desert.

So, I talked to my buddy Nic over the msn. That bugger keep on poisoning me to buy camera lens, buy camera accessories T.T. I told him that I got so many loans need to pay, some more need to keep money for future, where got extra money for the luxury hobby. However, at the end I start poisoning him back to get the lens XD. Then the bugger start to tell me need to keep money to buy wife.

Ya, buy wife. Ladies please don't feel offended. No man want to go buy wife if he can get one by themselves, hmmm, I mean most of the man. Suddenly two persons come into my mind, I believe you also know who I referred to. My super planner and my wild horse.

So my curiosity urge me to search the net about buying wife. One of most famous country in Asia that have this kind of "trade" is Vietnam. Vietnam was used to be a very poor country but I believe in another few more years, you wouldn't see these anymore.

I know some of my friends or relative do get a wife from Vietnam. Some just doing well, some got bad ending. It's all depend on luck.

Found this from the Internet

Just in case my reader is interested but don't understand Chinese, so I explain what is in this advertisement.

The main title is Vietnam wife agent.
Guarantee married in 3 months (procedures can be completed in 6 days)
Only need 200k*
The currency is in Taiwan yuan, so it is about RM20k
Four guarantees:
1. guarantee virgin -.-"
2. guarantee married within 3 months
3. no additional cost
4. if bride run away in 1 year, guarantee to replace with a new one

Ok, so RM20k for a wife, cheap or not? Well, I believe it is not expensive. I personally is neutral on this. Although it look cruel and  inhuman right, but if your friends or relative really "purchase" a wife, we just can wish them a happy ending. Love can always be cultured from day to day.

Suddenly a story come out from my mind that I would like to share with you all.

Ok, as we all known desert people can have four wives, which allow by their religion. If the lady is not the wife of the man, the man is illegal to have sex with that lady. So, the story is a about a coward that want to get prostitute but afraid will go to hell at the end of his day. So, he think of a way that can "legally" to have sex with other lady. He asking the prostitute to sign on a "contract" or something similar, so that she is "married" to him for that day, and on the next day, they will devoice. By using this method he is hoping he will go heaven when he dead because in his opinion he did nothing wrong.

Well, wrong mean wrong no matter how you cover it, it is still wrong, but the way of try to covering yourself with these coward ways will just make you a jerk, a useless human that wasting mother earth resources.

Ok, I think I write too much today, under pressure I think, before I sign off, just to share with all the guy readers, so ladies, excuse me ^^

Vietnamese girl - Elly Tran Ha

Friday, November 19, 2010


First step is important, because it determine how high is second step;
and every steps after that are important, it determine how far you have moved.


Thursday evening, sien. Everyone in this house is a bit abnormal, I start to realise the feeling of staying in the jail.

Deadline is near, work still far to complete. Trying hard to push it, but no material at site. What the fuck I'm doing here. Need to change my strategy. I no fuck care and I'm going to finish it before 9th Dec even working 24 hours. That's my deadline.

Cook guilinggao to kill my time, no take dinner cause not hungry.

When I see the guilinggao, I think of my lovely wife, she just love it.

I was thinking one day maybe I will open a bar or something like a bar or bistro, old man bar. No noise music, I hate those stupid music that make people scream at each other. Simple interior, not too fancy, not too luxury, just simple until you can't notice it. Couple can just come in and sit at one corner to enjoy their meal and whispering at each other with lovely smile; colleagues come in enjoy a cup of beer, teasing each other stupidity and cursing the stupid boss; businessmen come in, try to convince each other that they are the best in town and end up with a cheers; family celebrate their birthday; students celebrate the end of exam. A place that full with joy. Hope my dream can come true someday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm your chef again

Today I want to show you all how to cook a leftover chicken. Ya, leftover chicken. I'm a thrifty person, not stingy, ok?

Let us start with our main ingredient, the left over chick. This is the 1/2 chicken that I can't finished yesterday due to an annoying email. Remember to put the chicken in the fridge if you don't want to go toilet so frequent, but since now is winter; I think it shouldn't be a big problem if you don't do that.

Chop the chicken into small pieces. After that take garlic and cut/grind it into small pieces.

Warm up your pan, pour a little bit an oil on the pan and let it heat up first. Once you can feel the heat from the oil, pour all the garlic piece into the pan and fry it until golden colour.

Put in the chicken piece and fry it for a while. After that, put some sugar and soya sauce to make the chicken taste better. Cook about 10 minutes and the dish is ready.

 The leftover chicken might not taste as good as restaurant, but you can't get the same taste from the restaurant as well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday eve

Tomorrow is a public holiday for the desert until Thursday, but my project only off for a day, which is tomorrow. I actually don't looking forward to this holiday, if can I would like to go site and try to complete as much job as I can. Anyway, since it is the desert law is forcing everyone to stop work tomorrow, so I have no choice but to stay at home.

Everyone are getting unbalance. All the sub-cond here is like a king, or rather say that we are actually their sub-cond and they are our client. They work depend on their own sweet time, you can't force them to work. No way. All our engineers work like Bangladesh. We have to prepare everything for our so called sub-cond to come to site and make sure they are happy only they will start working. Else, they just don't pick up your calls. They will get all the money and we get all the hard shit.

I wish my boss reading my blog now and I want to tell them please appreciate these workers, you wouldn't be that lucky to get these people to work for you again.

Today received an email from my client and he dig out stone age project and tell us that we are not providing the drawings. After reading the email, I suddenly no more mood to eat. We have been accuse by these monkeys just because they don't know how to read drawings and they forgot what I have given to them on the training session. Sometime I want to scream at those fuckers and ask them to go back to kindergarten to repeat their study. Bunch of morons.

Finally we concluded that all operators are monkey. We have make a hypothesis that operators are monkey and after 10 years we finally concluded that the hypothesis is truth.

Feel tired. Not because of work, I personally is never tired with engineering works, but when all the efforts are treated like shit, that make us tired, even to speak a word to defend.

I think I should start to let go, but I know if I let go I mean I'm quit. My principle is either do it with all the effort or don't do it at all.

Will think about it once I go back to Bolehland, I think maybe I will open a grill fish shop somewhere.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finally the winter is coming

I can feel the winter is just around the corner. She is quietly come to the desert. Now even at noon time, I wouldn't feel much heat, the weather is cold in the morning, I think it is between 20-25 deg. C. What a nice weather.

When winter come, it means the job is going to end. And, it also means I'm getting busy.

As a control engineer, the most busiest time in a project is when the project is going to end. When all the mechanical works have completed, I need to start to install the instruments and gauges, pulling and terminating the cables, do setting on the instruments and equipments, setup the system, testing and commissioning. Since 5 years ago, ending a project has become a very challenging task for me, cause my project manager never give me sufficient time that he had promised to give since the beginning of the project. When everyone had finished their job and the deadline is near or due, and everyone is looking at you and waiting for the system to be operated, you can imaging how much pressure I need to take, and most of the time, I will only have less than 1 week to bring up my system to live.

But this time it's slightly different, cause since desert people like to build museum, so we have built a luxury machinery museum for them. It means, I will not need to worry about the sequences of the system which is the most time consuming task. But it's doesn't mean it's easy to end this project. In Bolehland, I have a group of skill workers that never fail me, but in the desert, I can only have monkeys and donkeys to do my job because my procurement want cheap labours. But they forgot that I can get "free worker" also if they want. I can just go get some monkeys or donkeys to ask them finish the job. Well, maybe it is not absolutely free, cause I still need to give them peanut. So, this time, the most challenging time is not on the system, but is to teaching these animals to listen to my instructions.

I have been a zookeeper for almost 10 years and this is the first time I felt helpless.

I have less than 1 month to bring up the basic system and I will back to Bolehland before my anniversary. Ya, it's year 13BM or year 2AM. Guess the meaning of that :)

Apart of that, my super planner will go back to Bolehland on this coming Sunday. After 2 years plus staying in the desert, he is finally go back to Bolehland in 1 full piece. Any single and available girl is looking for hansom (hamsap also), humour (kayu also) and rich (kiamsip also) boy friend, you can leave your name and contact here, I will arrange the date XD

Then my wild horse and Chin is going home on the first of December. My wild horse is also looking for soul mate (I believe he means female). So, those single and available girls please leave your name and contact here. This is the year end jump building suicide sales, once missed you will regret for the rest of your life.

I will postpone my flight to a week later with fanshue. Fanshue is single but not sure still available or not. Too many choices make him difficult to make up his mind. So if you are interested on him, don't wait for him to approach you, just ask him to take you, I think it will be more easier.

Ok, that's all for the working Friday and I think I will not have any holidays until I go back to Bolehland.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Jet lag

Ok, this time jet lag liao. Wake up at 2.30am in the morning, force myself go back sleep. And wake up again in 3am, then 4am. Ok, I'm enough liao. Will wait until 7am and go to work.

God please give me strength today, again I need to talk to monkeys, donkeys and morons.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Time is relative

Einstein said time is relative, the feeling of time is different when you sitting side by side with a pretty girl as compare to meeting with a bunch of morons.
I'm flying again to the desert. I wish this is the last time I need to go there, but reality is cruel. This nightmare will end some days but not this time.
What is my feeling about time?
When I was a school boy (about 25 years ago T.T) I have very weird feeling about time. I feel like my time is repeating or you can call it deja vu. The scene that I saw is like repeating everyday. Sometime I thought I'm living in yesterday. Time seem slow for me that time. That is also the main reason that I phobia to factory kind of job. I feel like losing control of my time.
Now, I feel time is not enough. Too much thing I want to do but too less time. For me, time is like a crazy naked man running crazily, and I just shyly look at him pass by me.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Keigo Higashino - Clone

When I was young (sad beginning T.T), I'm science fiction and detective novel fan. I can read 3 Wisely series in a day. I think I have read about 80+ of Wisely series within 1-2 months. I stop after that cause I need to stop wasting too much time reading novel and concentrate back to my study. That's was one of the most craziest hobby I have.

After school day, I still once a while read some detective novel. I love Sherlock Holmes, but what make me really crazy about detective is Japanese novel and comic. Kimdaichi is one of the best detective comic I ever see.

I actually dare not touch too much of these novels nowadays, cause I afraid I will addicted to it. But it's still my hobby reading these novels.

I just finish the Clone authored by Keigo higashino. Maybe you don't know who is he, but I believe you may have watched some movies that based on his fiction. One of my favourite is Galileo - Suspect X.

Ok, back to about to the novel. Very interesting story line and very easy to understand. It maybe not as good as other, but I love the way the author wrote the story, so recommend for those that want to kill their time.

If I found the second me, what I will say to "myself"?

Friday, November 05, 2010

Monday, November 01, 2010

It's November

Well, it's November now, still left 2 months before a new year is coming.

What am I doing now?

Busying doing the control drawings for the newly awarded project. Must finish by end of this week and next week I will fly to desert again to finish the stupid project. Start to feel the busy day is following me now. The good news is, I'm going back to my uni once I'd completed my desert project. Can't wait to visit the law faculty.

Anything to conclude so far?

No comment so far, maybe I keep my conclusion until end of this year.

Then any plans?

Not sure also. Feel like losing direction nowadays. Must find a day and seriously look at my future.

Still don't want to go back?

Ok, bye bye.