Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the boring Friday evening

Ok, Friday again, holiday for the desert.

So, I talked to my buddy Nic over the msn. That bugger keep on poisoning me to buy camera lens, buy camera accessories T.T. I told him that I got so many loans need to pay, some more need to keep money for future, where got extra money for the luxury hobby. However, at the end I start poisoning him back to get the lens XD. Then the bugger start to tell me need to keep money to buy wife.

Ya, buy wife. Ladies please don't feel offended. No man want to go buy wife if he can get one by themselves, hmmm, I mean most of the man. Suddenly two persons come into my mind, I believe you also know who I referred to. My super planner and my wild horse.

So my curiosity urge me to search the net about buying wife. One of most famous country in Asia that have this kind of "trade" is Vietnam. Vietnam was used to be a very poor country but I believe in another few more years, you wouldn't see these anymore.

I know some of my friends or relative do get a wife from Vietnam. Some just doing well, some got bad ending. It's all depend on luck.

Found this from the Internet

Just in case my reader is interested but don't understand Chinese, so I explain what is in this advertisement.

The main title is Vietnam wife agent.
Guarantee married in 3 months (procedures can be completed in 6 days)
Only need 200k*
The currency is in Taiwan yuan, so it is about RM20k
Four guarantees:
1. guarantee virgin -.-"
2. guarantee married within 3 months
3. no additional cost
4. if bride run away in 1 year, guarantee to replace with a new one

Ok, so RM20k for a wife, cheap or not? Well, I believe it is not expensive. I personally is neutral on this. Although it look cruel and  inhuman right, but if your friends or relative really "purchase" a wife, we just can wish them a happy ending. Love can always be cultured from day to day.

Suddenly a story come out from my mind that I would like to share with you all.

Ok, as we all known desert people can have four wives, which allow by their religion. If the lady is not the wife of the man, the man is illegal to have sex with that lady. So, the story is a about a coward that want to get prostitute but afraid will go to hell at the end of his day. So, he think of a way that can "legally" to have sex with other lady. He asking the prostitute to sign on a "contract" or something similar, so that she is "married" to him for that day, and on the next day, they will devoice. By using this method he is hoping he will go heaven when he dead because in his opinion he did nothing wrong.

Well, wrong mean wrong no matter how you cover it, it is still wrong, but the way of try to covering yourself with these coward ways will just make you a jerk, a useless human that wasting mother earth resources.

Ok, I think I write too much today, under pressure I think, before I sign off, just to share with all the guy readers, so ladies, excuse me ^^

Vietnamese girl - Elly Tran Ha