Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finally the winter is coming

I can feel the winter is just around the corner. She is quietly come to the desert. Now even at noon time, I wouldn't feel much heat, the weather is cold in the morning, I think it is between 20-25 deg. C. What a nice weather.

When winter come, it means the job is going to end. And, it also means I'm getting busy.

As a control engineer, the most busiest time in a project is when the project is going to end. When all the mechanical works have completed, I need to start to install the instruments and gauges, pulling and terminating the cables, do setting on the instruments and equipments, setup the system, testing and commissioning. Since 5 years ago, ending a project has become a very challenging task for me, cause my project manager never give me sufficient time that he had promised to give since the beginning of the project. When everyone had finished their job and the deadline is near or due, and everyone is looking at you and waiting for the system to be operated, you can imaging how much pressure I need to take, and most of the time, I will only have less than 1 week to bring up my system to live.

But this time it's slightly different, cause since desert people like to build museum, so we have built a luxury machinery museum for them. It means, I will not need to worry about the sequences of the system which is the most time consuming task. But it's doesn't mean it's easy to end this project. In Bolehland, I have a group of skill workers that never fail me, but in the desert, I can only have monkeys and donkeys to do my job because my procurement want cheap labours. But they forgot that I can get "free worker" also if they want. I can just go get some monkeys or donkeys to ask them finish the job. Well, maybe it is not absolutely free, cause I still need to give them peanut. So, this time, the most challenging time is not on the system, but is to teaching these animals to listen to my instructions.

I have been a zookeeper for almost 10 years and this is the first time I felt helpless.

I have less than 1 month to bring up the basic system and I will back to Bolehland before my anniversary. Ya, it's year 13BM or year 2AM. Guess the meaning of that :)

Apart of that, my super planner will go back to Bolehland on this coming Sunday. After 2 years plus staying in the desert, he is finally go back to Bolehland in 1 full piece. Any single and available girl is looking for hansom (hamsap also), humour (kayu also) and rich (kiamsip also) boy friend, you can leave your name and contact here, I will arrange the date XD

Then my wild horse and Chin is going home on the first of December. My wild horse is also looking for soul mate (I believe he means female). So, those single and available girls please leave your name and contact here. This is the year end jump building suicide sales, once missed you will regret for the rest of your life.

I will postpone my flight to a week later with fanshue. Fanshue is single but not sure still available or not. Too many choices make him difficult to make up his mind. So if you are interested on him, don't wait for him to approach you, just ask him to take you, I think it will be more easier.

Ok, that's all for the working Friday and I think I will not have any holidays until I go back to Bolehland.