Sunday, September 27, 2009

YUI It's all too much & Never say die

YUI latest single release on 14/10/09. I love her short hair.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taiwan: Day 1

As promise in my previous blog, I try to write down my travel story about Taiwan.

We reached Taipei airport about 4PM due to the delay of our beloved aviation, AirAsia. From the airport, we went to Taipei city by bus and we stop at the Taipei central station. From there, we went to Ximending (西门町) using LRT.

After checked in to the hotel, I found that my bag is wet -.-, the stupid AirAsia didn’t cover their customer’s luggage when they are loading it to the plane. Half of my luggage is wet. And I have to hang all my underwear around the hotel room -.-, stupid airline. The lesson here is, if you are using this stupid airline, please cover your clothes with a plastic bag before you put it into the luggage.

After settle the hotel, we went to walk around the Ximending street. A very nice place, full with youngster, especially those pretty mei mei #^.^#, very enjoyable walk. We have some snacks there, walking and eating, very relaxing night.

After filled up our tummy, we decided to go to the Taipei city and visit the famous book store ChengPin (成品). Once reached in front of the book store, we saw the Taipei 101 but without light -.- maybe they are having energy saving exercise. Well, good for our earth.

After taking some photos of the 101, I went to search for my sister souvenir, a book authored by 小S. I’m surprise my sister asked me to buy a book, basically that what she hate most. My doubt cleared after she open the book, I only realize, it’s a comic book -.-

We went back to the hotel before 12AM since that is the last LRT train we can use. While working back to hotel, we have some photo with my idol, Rainie Yang. Huan not sure is drunk or too sad, he tried to kiss her -.- and there is a CCTV monitoring these 6 sohais doing some stupid thing there :)

Well, that’s the end of day one @ Taiwan.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

About love

Love is like planting an unknown seed. No one knows what kind of fruit or flower it will be until you plant it and put your effort to grow it. No one knows when it will get flowering. If you are planting a water melon, you can harvest in few months time; if it is a mango tree, maybe it takes few years; worst a durian tree, it will take long long time to wait for the harvesting.

Some plants need less care, some need more. Some plants only need you to put the seed to the earth and it will grow; other just needs extra care to prevent it from dying. No matter what plant you are planting, putting effort to watering and taking care the plant is your duty to make sure it grows up healthy.

If there is a seed in your hand, please don’t hesitate to start planting. Some seeds just can’t wait. No one can predict the future, but if you don’t take the first step to start the planting, I can predict you will just look at the dying seed.

Whether your reward will proportional to the effort you had put in, no one can tell you now, only time will tell. Even you can’t reach the harvesting stage, please thanks to him / her for their effort to being with you.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Taiwan: Prologue

Finally I went to Taiwan from 1/9/09 until 8/9/09 with another five friends for a vacation. I try to record down the interesting places that I’d been went to as much detail as I can. Hope it is useful for other reader who wants to travel to Taiwan by free and easy mode.

Before I continue on the trip detail, there is something about Taiwan.

1. About girl first, please don’t complain :p, Taiwanese girl always know how to dress themselves. Therefore, it is always a very nice view on the street with the pretty girls walking around.
2. The transportation around the Taipei city is very complete. Just get a day pass (NT180) and you can travel around Taipei city by LRT or bus. Very convenience. But if you plan to travel outside Taipei city, the best way is still get a yellow cab. Slightly expensive but save lot of time. And those taxi drivers are very familiar with that entire tourist attraction place.
3. Taiwan has various kind of snack. Try whatever you can but please bear in mind that not all snacks can meet your expectation. Anyway, no harm to try. Try to ask the local people for advice.
4. Ximending is a very nice place to stay. First of all the hotel is cheap; secondly, the transportation is very convenience. And most of the hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi service. So bringing mininote or mobile PC is the best idea travelling around while you can online to check your email or FB or blog 
5. 7-11 is just few steps from you. You will see everywhere is 7-11, very convenience.

Ok, let go to the itinerary summary.
1/9 – Fly from LCCT to Taipei. Walking around Ximending and Taipei city.
2/9 – To JingGuaShi (金瓜石), then JiuFen (九份) then Danshui (淡水, 渔人码头) and finally Shilin night market (士林夜市).
3/9 – To TaiChong (台中), then to Puli (埔里) and stop at Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).
4/9 – From Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) to CingJing (清静) and have a night there.
5/9 – From CingJing (清静) to HeHuan mount (合欢山) then travel through very challenging mount road to HuaLian (花莲).
6/9 – From HuaLian (花莲) go back to Taroko (太鲁阁) for the wonderful Taroko. Next continue to back to Taipei through the west coast and stop at ChingShui (清水短崖) for photo taking.
7/9 – Travel around Taipei city.
8/9 – Walking around Ximending and to airport and back to Bolehland.

I will try to elaborate detail of each place in the coming blog. Hope I still able to deliver all the information I had. Ok, that all for today.