Friday, September 18, 2009

Taiwan: Prologue

Finally I went to Taiwan from 1/9/09 until 8/9/09 with another five friends for a vacation. I try to record down the interesting places that I’d been went to as much detail as I can. Hope it is useful for other reader who wants to travel to Taiwan by free and easy mode.

Before I continue on the trip detail, there is something about Taiwan.

1. About girl first, please don’t complain :p, Taiwanese girl always know how to dress themselves. Therefore, it is always a very nice view on the street with the pretty girls walking around.
2. The transportation around the Taipei city is very complete. Just get a day pass (NT180) and you can travel around Taipei city by LRT or bus. Very convenience. But if you plan to travel outside Taipei city, the best way is still get a yellow cab. Slightly expensive but save lot of time. And those taxi drivers are very familiar with that entire tourist attraction place.
3. Taiwan has various kind of snack. Try whatever you can but please bear in mind that not all snacks can meet your expectation. Anyway, no harm to try. Try to ask the local people for advice.
4. Ximending is a very nice place to stay. First of all the hotel is cheap; secondly, the transportation is very convenience. And most of the hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi service. So bringing mininote or mobile PC is the best idea travelling around while you can online to check your email or FB or blog 
5. 7-11 is just few steps from you. You will see everywhere is 7-11, very convenience.

Ok, let go to the itinerary summary.
1/9 – Fly from LCCT to Taipei. Walking around Ximending and Taipei city.
2/9 – To JingGuaShi (金瓜石), then JiuFen (九份) then Danshui (淡水, 渔人码头) and finally Shilin night market (士林夜市).
3/9 – To TaiChong (台中), then to Puli (埔里) and stop at Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).
4/9 – From Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) to CingJing (清静) and have a night there.
5/9 – From CingJing (清静) to HeHuan mount (合欢山) then travel through very challenging mount road to HuaLian (花莲).
6/9 – From HuaLian (花莲) go back to Taroko (太鲁阁) for the wonderful Taroko. Next continue to back to Taipei through the west coast and stop at ChingShui (清水短崖) for photo taking.
7/9 – Travel around Taipei city.
8/9 – Walking around Ximending and to airport and back to Bolehland.

I will try to elaborate detail of each place in the coming blog. Hope I still able to deliver all the information I had. Ok, that all for today.