Friday, May 01, 2009

Microsoft Outlook high CPU problem - SOLVED!

Last few day, I start to notice my CPU usage intermittently go high to 50%. From the task manager, look like Outlook is unstable. I start searching solution around the world and tonne of methods tried and yet I can't manage to solve the problem.

After few days wars with this weird symptom, I give up and planned to create a new profile. Therefore, I export my RSS, contacts, rules and email accounts setting in order for me to import back to my new profile.

After the new profile created, everything back to normal, no more intermittent high CPU. So I start to create folders, setup my account and everything look good, until I import my contact and the weird symptom come back again >| What the F!

So I try to delete all my contact and the Outlook performance back to normal. So I switch back to my original profile and delete all the contact and everything back to normal.

I don't understand why such an expensive software can have this kind of failure. I should ask Microsoft to return my money back for solving their problem.

I hope this will help those having same problem like mine. Good luck to you.