Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogging again

Well, seriously I don't know what to blog for. Too much thing want to say but can't speech. Most of my blogger kaki stop blogging since few months ago. We used to have fun time blogging about our life, some stupid idea, criticize on company and works, ... now we all don't have the courage to do that. We don't know what happen if some people read our blog and showed it to someone who we had criticized.

A blog can be subjective and it can be objective. I personally is very subjective in blogging cause that is what I felt. Anyhow, one very importance thing in blogging is that you are the owner of the blog and it mean you have to responsible for what you had wrote. This situation become difficult when you wrote too much related to other people although their name not appear in the blog. So, invited type of blog is used to prevent unwelcome person. Sooner or later, it move to friendster or facebook kind of web application to share your feeling and the stress.

Most of the middle range white-collar worker facing lot of working pressures. Firstly they are educated, they believe in freedom and fairness. They are sandwiched between lower level worker and their boss. There are few ways to release these pressures. One of the way is drink and smoke alone or with their friend. I personally don't like this method.

The other way is say it or write it down and let their friends, family and colleagues share the burden, pressure, happiness, sadness, everything and at the same time share theirs problems and point of view also. Sharing is caring. I personally prefer this method, first of all, it reduce our stress and others; secondly, it wouldn't cause any bad effect like drinking and smoking which is not good for health.

From open blog, to invited blog and to social web application, we only need a place to healthily release our feeling, a personal place to write and talk. Somehow, this is not possible for some people. All their dissatisfaction about company, the management, the colleague which they blogged or wrote is used by so call "friend" to show it to the criticized person, to the management they have complaint. One by one, blog being closed, web application being canceled to make us speechless.

If you ask me what is different between friend and colleague, I will define friend as a person that you can talk, and colleague is a person who work (maybe not) with you. A friend share your problem, a colleague use your problem.

I don't know I will banned or warned or not if some one from my company read my blog. I just hope that these people return a piece of personal virtual space for me to share with my friends and family. I sincerely thank you for not making this an issue.