Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't take Gulfair if you want live longer

I got a ticket going back to Bahrain from Abu Dhabi on 1.15Pm today. Because don't want waste the driver time, I made decision to follow my colleagues, Mr. Huan and Wong, go to airport in the early morning 6AM.

So I went to the counter ask them whether I can change my flight to early flight or not and the counter say their system down and need to wait until the early flight open then only can check.

So I wait until the counter open and surprisingly, the 1.15PM flight canceled and they never inform me. So I was thinking I am quite lucky today. So I happily waiting for the flight.

After boarding, I'm so tired so I just take a nap. And after a while, I heard that the plane going to land. Look at my watch it is 15 minutes early than the scheduled landing time. Looking out the window I saw ADAC, first I was thinking maybe Abu Dhabi airport put advertisement at Bahrain airport. But sometime not right, I was flying back to Abu Dhabi again, what the f!

The captain just say due to safety reason he have to land. At the terminal, the staff never let you know what to do, what is the situation, all they do is ask you to go to lounge to take lunch and come back and wait. And I have been tortured for the whole day to get another flight to Bahrain at 6PM.

I don't know what to say except those f words that I remember.

If you want to go Bahrain or Europe, just use Ethihad or Emirate, their flight is newer and more safe to use. If I can vote, then the worst airline on earth I will choose the Gulfair. Just pissed with their service. Worst airline I ever used.