Monday, July 28, 2008

Pretty girl

My friend, also my ex subcond, just got a baby girl. You can see the pretty cute face in his blog. Congratulation! And well done!

I wish I can make some babies before I get old.

To my girl,

Will you marry me?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Manage to visit the city of Doha while waiting for the transit back to Bolehland from Sudan.

The image of Doha for me is dusty, humid and hot. The city is booming. Lost of high rise building is under construction. Too bad, the humidity is too high causing my camera condensate and I was not able to capture any night scenery that night :(

Hope to visit the Pear of Qatar when it completed.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sudan update

Last post, I’ve mentioned that the first impression of Sudan is dust, sand and heat. But I think I’m wrong when I was in Palogue and Jabalayn site. I should change it to wide, windy and chill. Sound great, ya, you should come here to enjoy the weather. The temperature at Palogue camp is so low until I regret I didn’t bring thicker shirt.

First thing you should not do in Sudan is photograph. Taking photo in Sudan may cause you sitting in the lockup for a day to few weeks. I start to wonder why. There are only two reasons I can think of; first, the environment is explosive (which I think not true), second, the people or maybe government want to hide their country to the world. Well, I also will try to hide my mistake if possible :). Try to imaging when you go visit a country and taking photo will risk you, are you still going to that place for vacation? The answer is clear, no. The camera is invented for you to keep and share your memory; no other method is better or clearer than showing you a photo or a video. So, if you plan to come to Sudan for vacation, please tell me so I can laugh at your stupidity. Anyway, I have taken my risk to take some photos to share with you :)

In Khartoum, most of the building is like normal building that we see everyday. But one thing about the city is that, there are not planned. You can see building here and there. It will be a nightmare when the city booming. After the capital, along the road to Jabalayn, you will see the building getting shorter and shorter. After Jabalayn, no more tar road and the houses is getting smaller and change shape from round. I remember I saw this kind of houses when I play Civilization, when the date is still in B.C. Surprisingly, I still able to see these house with my own naked eye in year 2008. I don’t know how many years it will take to change these houses to a double storey link house.

Talking about Jabalayn, jabal mean mountain and jabalayn is the plural of mountain. So the Jabalayn mean city of mountains. Sudan is so flat until you don’t need to engage your car hand break when stop, cause it wouldn’t go anyway with it flatness. So a small hill wills be great scenery. But don’t try to take the photo; you may sit inside the lockup for few days for taking the photo.

I’m not care too much on the food. But the canteen at Palogue makes you stop taking your meal. I don’t know how to eat with flies flying around. Yak…, make me feel sick when I think of that. Canteen at Jabalayn is quite clear and the food is ok and huge size. I feel like eating two meals in a single meal here. I think I getting fatter, hope my girl don’t notice that. Anyway, nothing taste better than bah kut teh and nasik lemak. Eat at Sudan stall is like eating at 5 star hotel, the food is just too expensive. It's almost a 20USD per person per meal. It's killing me, the food price.

People are friendly, I guess, they take about 15 minute just to say hi. According to their culture, they not only greet that person, but their family and other family member. I think no possible for us, because a 15 minute phone charges are too expensive :)

Donkey is everywhere, I remember only in the 1001 night story, people is riding on the donkey, but here you can see it at every corner. I wonder why there are no horses here. The conclusion I get is that donkey is stronger and tougher than horse that why only donkey is able to stay under these condition. Also proven, donkey is more stupid than horse :)

And the last thing I heard in Sudan is that man here has more than a wife. Well, some are so called “temporary” or worst “contract”. Not sure how these terms can be accepted, but mostly because the gap between the rich and poor is too wide. Once you got money, you can buy anything you want, and the poor willing to sell anything they have. I heard Nick told me that, they all are 8.3”, not sure how true is that, haha…

Ok, hope to get back soon, because I heard the ICC is going to arrest the Sudan president for the Darfur case tomorrow.

Wish me good luck.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

YUI Summer Song

Finally, Summer Song from YUI, kawaii #^_^#

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sudan day 1

After sit in side the stupid plane for more than 10 hours with a transit at Doha, finally reach Sudan. The weather according to colleague is OK, around 35 something. Got lot of wind.

Eat at a huge meal, a steamed rice with chicken (it is 1/2 chicken), I think the food is for two persons. Everything is expensive here, the meal cost about 10USD per person.

Then as usual but some drink and thing that need to bring to site.

Once back to hotel, sleep is the only thing I want to do, almost 36 hours no sleep since Thursday. Eye also can't open -_-zzzzzzzz

Sand, dust and heat, is the only image I have now for Sudan. Will try a better site of Sudan, hopefully :)