Thursday, May 31, 2007


After working for 6 years, finally I can got for FAT, T_T think of it I also want to cry.

I will be here next week XD. First of all, I would like to thank to lousy Contrec engineers who design the stupid energy meter. Because of the manufacture defect, I would able to go there to do some stupid testing.

Search from Google, CBD and Yarra river have very nice view. It's 1.5km from hotel. Have to train my legs now. Will try to take some nice photos.

Melbourne CBD

Yarra river

Melbourne, here I come XD

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Engineer's dilema

When I was at school day, I dream to become an engineer because my teachers told me that engineer is a very nice job and have wide future. They also told me that engineer can earn lot of money and can get very high post when you are professional engineer.

So I study engineering and when I come out work as an engineer, I realize my teachers didn't told me the whole story. They only conclude the facts by adopting few rarely successful story of some engineers. So I had been cheated and my sweet dream become nightmare T_T

I work almost 24x7 a week, I can't off my handphone, I work in hot and humid environment, I work alone, I work overnight, ... (I got tear in my eye T_T)

The most important part is that, if you don't get your partner at school/university days, you are doomed. Most of the engineers are male, if got female engineer, she is either being booked or you wouldn't have interest on her XD. So, if you are engineer and you are still alone, please pray hard so that you can be awarded with a nice and pretty girl friend (It's like buying a Big Sweep ticket, you got chances to win, but the chances is nearly zero. But somehow, you got hope, a desperate hope).

For me, because I'm a good man and also best engineer in town, that why I have been awarded with a pretty girl friend XD. You can admire me but please don't jealous, hahaha...

Engineers, enjoy your day and remember pray hard.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Why we use CC and BCC: explained!

Just watched the movie "Just Follow Law", very funny movie.

Jack Neo's is very good in teasing the government, he know the most itchy part and let you laugh until cry. But most of his movies are not like other stupid idiot movie, he always put the touching part on the second half of the movie.

If you haven't watch the movie, go and watch it, or buy the original DVD when available. It's worth to spend 2 hours for this movie.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why am I still at office?

Today went to KLIA plant on afternoon to check on the electrical and control system. The system still not yet 100% ready, so after checking and discuss with sub-cond, it's 5.30PM.

So I can choose go home have a nice dinner or go back to P1 to continue my write up.

At the end, I go back to P1 to continue my stupid write up.

Maybe you will ask, why don't I go back home and do it at home? OT?

Yes, I can do it at home and I don't bother much on the OT also. But I still choose to do it at office.

I don't bring my job back to home since the first day I work. It's principle and also habit. I watch lot of movies, read lot of story and what I understand is that most of the family problems actually started from work.

Sometime, some work is not fun at all, it's boring and make your day down. Most of the time we are very kind to our friend but we are mean to our family. If you notice, sometime, same words from family member will make us angry but not if it is from our friend's mouth. Therefore, it will be family disaster if you are not able to control your temper while you work at home.

But I'm staying alone?

Yes, I'm staying alone in a big house XD. But it should not be an excuse to bring your work home, because sooner or later you will used to it, and it will become a habit even after you are married.

So, please remember finish your work at office, because that what an office is meant for. Enjoy you day with your family at home.

Home sweet home :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

An ISO 9001 Pencil

This is good XD

In an effort to get registered, an organization had written, rewritten and written again many of it's manuals, procedures, process descriptions and control documentation causing one of the staff to ask "what's the difference between a regular pencil and an ISO 9001 certified pencil? "

Answer: The ISO 9001 pencil has an eraser on both ends.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

ISO objective

Today my boss told me his personal ISO objective, and I'm fully agreed with him.

To get rid of ISO in year 2008!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer talk

I found out that since last week, I got no "mood" to work. At first I thought it's personal problem, but lately I found that most of the engineering team members are having same problem. Summer is here.

Most of the member in engineering house was sick these few week. And once after recovered from sick, the "no working mood" virus is attacking. Everyone is hoping for a holiday and rest.

I don't know about others, but for me this is symptom of overloaded. It's like Microsoft Windows. Once the OS is overloaded, it become hang and need to be reset. Once it's restarted, it will become hang again if you try to run heavy program. What it actually needs is cooling, a shut down for few hour will actually solve the "hanging" problem.

If you are overload, don't force yourself to work, it will just make the situation worse. Stop and rest, cool down your mind and start back again once you are ready.

Good luck engineers, the war is just begin, it is still long way to go. Victory will with us but we need to keep ourself strong to hold until the end.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


1st hypothesis: If you work too hard, your girl will leave you.
2nd hypothesis: If you are poor, your girl will leave you.

We all know money is alway not enough. Therefore you are poor, you girl will leave you. So, you start to work very hard to earn more money to become a rich man. But your girl will leave because you work too hard.

It's a bad chain reaction. Bad infinite loop. Black hole.

But believe me, you better work hard, so once your girl is leaving you, you can use the money to get another one. If you poor and your girl leaved you, you are dead meat. You got nothing, no girl no money.

The conclusion, work hard and earn more money, like it or not, your girl will leave you. So better keep more money to get a wife from Thailand / Vietnam :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last week, when I was queuing up at the cashier counter to pay my goods, I saw a lady was paying her goods using two pieces of RM50 shopping voucher, but the amount of her purchase is only RM70++. What she do is, she ask her husband to get something to make it over RM100. So everyone is waiting for this lady to finish her shopping.

I personally don't like the idea of voucher, it's like forcing someone to give you money due to some reason. But the party is so stingy and they force you to use the "money" with lot of conditions and within limited time. And we are also so stingy that we try to fully use the "money" even though we don't know what to buy. For me it's a torturing process.

Voucher should be a award, not burden. So, the first thing to remember is only ask for the voucher if you think you will use it in near future. Second, understand the stupid condition, sometime these people just give you some very stupid condition to use it. Third, never use it on last day.

Hope you enjoy your voucher.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Summer is coming, I'm sick

Summer is coming, it's hot and humid, it's virus and bacterial best growing temperature and RH. That why, I'm sick.

Not able to sleep yesterday night, due to non-stop fewer. This morning have to sick in the meeting room talk about the stupid control sequences. Then go back to stupid site and can't do anything. My production is near zero today :(

Then go see doctor, and I tell doctor what medicine I need and ask him to write a MC for tomorrow just in case the medicine that I request not able to cure my sickness.

It's my dinner, bread with tuna, Milo with oat, and my favorite 1/2 boiled eggs. Here is a tip how to make professional look of 1/2 boiled eggs.

1. Put 2 eggs into a cup.
2. Pour a boiled water into it.
3. Wait for 10 minute before serve.

Then take stupid medicine.

Due to too lonely, SK start to talk to himself

Dinstein: Kesian, you are sick.
SK: Yes :(
Dinstein: Where is your girl friend?
SK: >|
Dinstein: Oh, I think I said something wrong, so she not coming?
SK: :_(
Dinstein: So, I'm right, she is not coming

I promise myself, if she come and make me a dinner, I will give her my everything including my body XD

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rainbow Song

It's Shunji Iwai's movie. I love his movie. Can't wait to see this :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's holiday

Happy labour day and not forget happy Wesak day.

I think I need to have a vacation :)