Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Summer is coming, I'm sick

Summer is coming, it's hot and humid, it's virus and bacterial best growing temperature and RH. That why, I'm sick.

Not able to sleep yesterday night, due to non-stop fewer. This morning have to sick in the meeting room talk about the stupid control sequences. Then go back to stupid site and can't do anything. My production is near zero today :(

Then go see doctor, and I tell doctor what medicine I need and ask him to write a MC for tomorrow just in case the medicine that I request not able to cure my sickness.

It's my dinner, bread with tuna, Milo with oat, and my favorite 1/2 boiled eggs. Here is a tip how to make professional look of 1/2 boiled eggs.

1. Put 2 eggs into a cup.
2. Pour a boiled water into it.
3. Wait for 10 minute before serve.

Then take stupid medicine.

Due to too lonely, SK start to talk to himself

Dinstein: Kesian, you are sick.
SK: Yes :(
Dinstein: Where is your girl friend?
SK: >|
Dinstein: Oh, I think I said something wrong, so she not coming?
SK: :_(
Dinstein: So, I'm right, she is not coming

I promise myself, if she come and make me a dinner, I will give her my everything including my body XD