Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Engineer's dilema

When I was at school day, I dream to become an engineer because my teachers told me that engineer is a very nice job and have wide future. They also told me that engineer can earn lot of money and can get very high post when you are professional engineer.

So I study engineering and when I come out work as an engineer, I realize my teachers didn't told me the whole story. They only conclude the facts by adopting few rarely successful story of some engineers. So I had been cheated and my sweet dream become nightmare T_T

I work almost 24x7 a week, I can't off my handphone, I work in hot and humid environment, I work alone, I work overnight, ... (I got tear in my eye T_T)

The most important part is that, if you don't get your partner at school/university days, you are doomed. Most of the engineers are male, if got female engineer, she is either being booked or you wouldn't have interest on her XD. So, if you are engineer and you are still alone, please pray hard so that you can be awarded with a nice and pretty girl friend (It's like buying a Big Sweep ticket, you got chances to win, but the chances is nearly zero. But somehow, you got hope, a desperate hope).

For me, because I'm a good man and also best engineer in town, that why I have been awarded with a pretty girl friend XD. You can admire me but please don't jealous, hahaha...

Engineers, enjoy your day and remember pray hard.