Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last week, when I was queuing up at the cashier counter to pay my goods, I saw a lady was paying her goods using two pieces of RM50 shopping voucher, but the amount of her purchase is only RM70++. What she do is, she ask her husband to get something to make it over RM100. So everyone is waiting for this lady to finish her shopping.

I personally don't like the idea of voucher, it's like forcing someone to give you money due to some reason. But the party is so stingy and they force you to use the "money" with lot of conditions and within limited time. And we are also so stingy that we try to fully use the "money" even though we don't know what to buy. For me it's a torturing process.

Voucher should be a award, not burden. So, the first thing to remember is only ask for the voucher if you think you will use it in near future. Second, understand the stupid condition, sometime these people just give you some very stupid condition to use it. Third, never use it on last day.

Hope you enjoy your voucher.