Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's new year eve again

Time fly, getting faster and faster, I still felt that yesterday is just the beginning of the year but tomorrow will be another new chapter.

What had I done in year 2014?

I left my partner and become a lonely ranger since this year. I understand no matter how great I am, I can't do everything alone, so I set up a company with few of my ex-colleagues to do PV business. Well, we manage to get few customers, but too bad that we can't proceed with the project due to SEDA quota. Anyway, we only secure a quota and manage to complete it successfully. On top of that, we finish few abandon project leftover from 2013. We are still struggling for next year and hope thing will go smooth.

My own business getting better as compared to early this year, thanks to all the people that giving their helping hand to pull me up from the deep shit. Economy getting slow nowadays, hope coming year wouldn't be too bad.

Then I have my second princess, she is just adorable. Now she is getting naughtier, must start to prepare cane now.

There are still plenty of hardwork I need to go through before I can start to rest. Time has become my most shorttage resources, capital is another one. But no worry, the spirit of cockroach is never die. No one can smash me down that easily.

There are many wishes I want to wish for year 2015; own my own office, better business, more time for my family, better cash flow, can have a long holiday, ...

Well, everyone will wish for the samething, so, maybe I should just stop wishing and start working. Hmm... let me rest for today and I come back in two days time.

WIsh you all happy and prosperous year 2015.