Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy hour

For each of my project, a cup of beer with my sub-cond after the FAT is a must. It's indicate a mile stone of the project and it also mean a 100% done on the engineering, although it's not the case for most of the projects.

I don't really enjoy drinking beer, a cup is just good enough for me. However, my sub-cond will give me a bottomless, I think I must be torture him too much XD

It's enjoy listen to the music and singing while having a drink. The most enjoyable part is to talk about the stupid company, peoples and laugh at our stupidity.

I'm not sure about others, but working at site is enjoyable. Most of the time, people will forget about control system, therefore most of the time we are suffering from last minute notice and we did lot of stupid thing at site. That why we talk and curse those stupid peoples that make us do stupid thing.

All suffer that we faced will be forgotten when we celebrate the victory, cheer!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

Old friend

Yesterday, I found two of my primary school friend from friendster. Feel so excited because I had lost all my contact with my primary school friends.

I had been moved to Johor from Perak when I was 15 and moved to KL when 18. So I study 3 different secondary schools. I still have contact with my Johor's friends, but for my home town's friends, I almost lost all.

I wish to found some of my best friends and talk to them about myself and listen to them about their life. And also tell my dream girl that I was fall in love with her last time :p

I hope to get back the contact as many as I can.

Friendship forever.

Singapore, here I come..

It's almost 9 years I never go to Singapore. The last time I went to Singapore is to work at Hitachi factory when waiting for STPM result. I swear to myself that I will never ever work at factory again. You have to train yourself to become a robot if you work in factory. It's suck. Until today I still can remember the smell of the clean room.

Basically I only like the evening of Singapore, it's make me feel peaceful. I hope I can still have this feeling for this visit.

Lot of my friend working in Singapore. Some because stay at Johor, so they prefer to cross the river to look for more gold. Some are from Perak, where no much of work and good paid can be offered there. Some are study there and never want to come back to Bolehland again. I hope I can spend sometime with them this time, but time is just too short.

Ok, as usual, try to capture some nice photos for you all this time :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Genius – part 2

I have been work as an engineer for 6 years since my graduation. I use my knowledge (just to emphasis here, is knowledge not experience) in solving my dairy engineering tasks.

Most of the tasks, e.g. inverter configuration, flow meter setting, SCADA programming, etc, can be accomplished by reading the manual, that why Dilbert said only engineer read manual. Others tasks, e.g. motorized valve troubleshooting, install/dismantling instruments, etc, are just simple engineering daily tasks.

To some body else, it seem like a miracle or magic (black magic) “How he do that?”.

One day, I had been asked to write down everything and every step I need to do for the project, and suddenly I don’t even know how to use a test pen XD

Paper work is important, I never omit that. But over paper works will only become a burden to everyone and prevent the creativity in the engineering design. Yes, engineering is a mixture of art and science. I wonder how an artist creates their art works. Is there any method statement involve?

Not all engineers can write / explain the procedure, if an engineer can write he/she must be a technical writer not a project/design engineer. Engineer whose can write will not know how to do it; same for engineer whose know how to do it will not know how to write it.

Anyway, currently I start to think what angle I should use to unscrew a nut. Pity me :(

Friday, June 08, 2007


I watch this movie on the flight to Melbourne. Very interesting movie. It's about a 13 years old genius pianist that hate to play piano because of pressure from everyone.

There is a scene that I like it most, when the girl ask her father's friend about her talent in playing piano, and he told her a story about centipede.

One day, an ant saw a centipede walking, he is surprise and ask the centipede, "How you do that, you got so many legs but they are all synchronized when you walk". The centipede start to think how he can do that, suddenly, he can't walk anymore.

If you are not born with talent, then you need to work hard to get it. But if you are genius, you better use it. Somehow, genius is lonely, no one know how he/she do it but it just can be done so easily.

I'm lonely :p

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm back from Melbourne

Finally, I'm Back to my sweet home. After 8 hours of midnight flight, finally the plane landed safely at Bolehland.

It's cool at Melbourne, I need to wear my jacket everywhere.

Everything here is expensive, I need to pay AU$2.70 for a 1.5l mineral water, almost cost me RM7.70 for a unbranded mineral water. Make me unbalance after drink the water.

What can I say about Melbourne is that it's BORING. The city is so small that I already round the city for almost 3 times in 4 days. Most of the shop close at 4.00PM. Shit, in Bolehland, we close at 4.00AM. Because it's so boring, I'd spent most of the night time at Casino. Playing slot every night and luckily win few AU$ for me to buy mineral water and have some free Coke in the casino. I wounder will I be ban to get into the casino next time XD, sit in front of the slot machine for few hours and only playing 2 cents per game. Can't even earn my money to pay the electricity and some more have to give me free drink. Shit, I think I'll be block next time.

The night view at Melbourne is nice, especially near the Yarra river. I saw every one is pointing their camera towards the river. I think that is the only attractive night activity at Melbourne city.

The only reason that can let me to stay at Melbourne is that there are lot of pretty girls on the street :p. I told myself, I better go back to Bolehland or else I will not want to marry anymore. Hey, don't try to ask me to give away the garden for a flower since I can stay in the garden :p (I hope my girl didn't read my blog).

Not to forget, thanks to Jamie for this trip. Without him Melbourne will be a dead city for me.

OK, have to sleep now. My brain had stop working.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

1 year gone

I just notice that I started to blog on last year 25th May. 1 year gone, nothing have changed for me, still single, still stupid, still so genius, still busy,...

The only thing change is I'm 1 year older then last year T_T

I'm not sure when I going to stop telling you all those stupid stories that I have. Well don't worry, I will torture you all for another year to read on my broken English blog, hahaha, I think I'm the first one who use broken English to torture people. That why I call myself genius orz, hahahah........

Time management

Yesterday I plan my schedule like this:

09.00AM Go electrical sub-cond factory for FAT (I think I should call it checking, see my sub-cond do what I told or not, and also check whether they cut cost on my project or not.

10.00AM Go BES to "show face" (This is one of the stupid project, the operator don't know what they are doing, they don't communicate to each other and come to me all source of stupid complain, idiot!). Then backup a copy of SCADA and give to my control sub-cond for reference. Then walk through the P1 SCADA with control peoples.

12:00PM Go to P1, help the pretty lady engineer on her fire fighting project. Then discuss P1 project with my control sub-cond. Force him to buy me lunch XD

02:00PM Go to KLIA, configure the VFDs to do PID tunning. Then commission the on/off valves, testing interlocking, fix the temperature controller, run the system in Auto mode.

09:00PM Go home sleep.

This is what happen yesterday.

09:30AM Reach electrical sub-contractor factory.

11:00AM Finish checking, go back to office to pick up instrument.

11:30AM Drive towards to BES.

12:00PM Arrive to BES, waiting for control peoples.

01:00PM Backup SCADA and go for lunch.

01:30PM Discuss P1 SCADA at coffee shop.

02:30PM Finish discussion, drive towards to P1. KLIA project manager called, not able to enter plant due to no chargeman.

03:30PM Attend meeting.

04:30PM Discuss fire fighting with safety and the pretty lady engineer.

05:30PM Go back to P1 to prepare notes for sub-cond and supplier, discussion with colleagues on the stupid fire fighting (Nothing need to be done, but yet we need to submit tonne of stupid paper works to told them nothing need to be done).

09:00PM Go home.

The only successful schedule that I met is go home time.


Tomorrow I go Melbourne, hahaha no one can ask me to do stupid job anymore in these few days.