Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm back from Melbourne

Finally, I'm Back to my sweet home. After 8 hours of midnight flight, finally the plane landed safely at Bolehland.

It's cool at Melbourne, I need to wear my jacket everywhere.

Everything here is expensive, I need to pay AU$2.70 for a 1.5l mineral water, almost cost me RM7.70 for a unbranded mineral water. Make me unbalance after drink the water.

What can I say about Melbourne is that it's BORING. The city is so small that I already round the city for almost 3 times in 4 days. Most of the shop close at 4.00PM. Shit, in Bolehland, we close at 4.00AM. Because it's so boring, I'd spent most of the night time at Casino. Playing slot every night and luckily win few AU$ for me to buy mineral water and have some free Coke in the casino. I wounder will I be ban to get into the casino next time XD, sit in front of the slot machine for few hours and only playing 2 cents per game. Can't even earn my money to pay the electricity and some more have to give me free drink. Shit, I think I'll be block next time.

The night view at Melbourne is nice, especially near the Yarra river. I saw every one is pointing their camera towards the river. I think that is the only attractive night activity at Melbourne city.

The only reason that can let me to stay at Melbourne is that there are lot of pretty girls on the street :p. I told myself, I better go back to Bolehland or else I will not want to marry anymore. Hey, don't try to ask me to give away the garden for a flower since I can stay in the garden :p (I hope my girl didn't read my blog).

Not to forget, thanks to Jamie for this trip. Without him Melbourne will be a dead city for me.

OK, have to sleep now. My brain had stop working.