Sunday, March 16, 2014


Yesterday news on MH370, a breakthrough, now all the evidences point to the pilot which also believe related to Anwar case. It never happens this way, and too bad it happens to my country. Now, everyone knows why it is neither plane crash nor terrorist activity.

If the pilot want to threaten the government, he can do it once the plane take off, but he didn't. But the question raised, if he tends to suicide, why don't he just drive the plane and crash into South China Sea? But he takes all the risks to turn back to the other side and fly through Bolehland?

Now the question is, which way he took? North or south? If he takes south, this is definitely a suicide activity, cause no one will know where this flight will landed, and no one can rescue them. But if you still think he will take south, then why don't he just take east in his original path when he is try to "disappear" the plane?

So, I believe he will take north. Now, the other question is, where he want to go? Why no one detect the flight? I believe the government already have the answer since yesterday.

I categorised the pilot in the genius zone, he knows what he is doing. If I will him and I want to suicide, I will take north. The reason is very simple, if the flight is being detected, it will be shot down by military. But if the pilot can successfully hide the flight and reach until last destination, he will be remembered as a very talented pilot, and every books will record this. All genius wants to be remembered how clever they are.

Anyway, I still hope it will be a happy ending, although the chances are extremely low.

Good luck MH370.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The perfect sunlight

Yesterday my small solar farm give me total of 19.338kWh of output for the day. It is so far the highest output I had recorded for the pass nearly a year. The chart shows totally no cloud yesterday, which is good news to the solar system, but bad news to all of us. We are missing the rain so much.

Based on my installation, which is 3 degree to south, the sun is nearly perpendicular to the module. We all know the equinox will be around 21/3, which is around 10 days from yesterday. Based on a simple calculation, each 6 months, sun move from the most northern part (26 deg to north) to most southern part (26 deg to south), which mean 52 degrees of changes over 6 months. For a year, it will be 104 degree changes over 365 days, therefore each day the sun move around 0.28 degree. As for yesterday the sun is around 0.28 x 10 = 2.8 degree at southern, which mean the sun is now perpendicular to my solar panels. That is the maximum solar irradiance that the panels can have.

Although it gives the best to my solar farm, but I really wish the rain can come soon, I miss the rain so much.

Monday, March 10, 2014

It's heavy weekend

I'm sick since Saturday, maybe due to haze or hot weather.

Saturday headline is a heavy news. I'm not side to any politics party, although I wish to change the ruling party last election. But, I saw very dirty and old trick sending the ruling party's greatest enemy to jail. I seriously doubt why someone is released few years back and get caught under the same accuses. Where is the consistency? Which is the correct one? Which story is real one? I don't know, but I believe this is not just a simple case, there must be some stories behind.

Then on the same day, our plane was lost in the air, until now we still don't know where is the plane, where are the 239 people gone. This tragedy is full with mystery. If this is a terrorist action, there must be a motifs and someone have to claim it, but until now, there is none. If it is a plane problem, the pilot sure will communicate with the centre, but the news said none, and the communication is lost and the weather is clear.

So, where is the plane now? What is happening? Any survival? Everyone want to know the answer, but I believe it will not be a good news. Unless the plane was "kidnapped" by alien and the alien return the human after they do some study. Anyway, just hope some miracles will arrive soon. Lets pray for MH370.