Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The perfect sunlight

Yesterday my small solar farm give me total of 19.338kWh of output for the day. It is so far the highest output I had recorded for the pass nearly a year. The chart shows totally no cloud yesterday, which is good news to the solar system, but bad news to all of us. We are missing the rain so much.

Based on my installation, which is 3 degree to south, the sun is nearly perpendicular to the module. We all know the equinox will be around 21/3, which is around 10 days from yesterday. Based on a simple calculation, each 6 months, sun move from the most northern part (26 deg to north) to most southern part (26 deg to south), which mean 52 degrees of changes over 6 months. For a year, it will be 104 degree changes over 365 days, therefore each day the sun move around 0.28 degree. As for yesterday the sun is around 0.28 x 10 = 2.8 degree at southern, which mean the sun is now perpendicular to my solar panels. That is the maximum solar irradiance that the panels can have.

Although it gives the best to my solar farm, but I really wish the rain can come soon, I miss the rain so much.