Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sick movie

"Thanks" to Mr.Toh for introducing a sick movie, The Other Boleyn Girl. A really sicked movie I ever watch.

1. There are no pretty girl in the movie, at least I personally didn't see any.
2. 50% of the words that they are using is not inside my dictionary.
3. And the worst, SICK story.

Make me feel sick and I can't wait to go Bahrain to kill that loser for asking me to get him this movie.

Ok, if you want to take MC tomorrow, please go watch that movie, or else don't waste your time for that stupid movie.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Since last month, my colleague and I try to poison my wild house, Mr. Sam, to get a DSLR since he is only engineer in my office that have artistic sense. We even offer to pay for 10% of the camera price on top of all discount for a camera, anyhow the tactic did not success.

Well, from time to time we still browse through people's photo and discuss.

The first question is that, is a camera that make that photo look pretty and attractive? After do some searching, my answer is no. You can try to see this which is using Canon 5D and this which is taken using Canon 1D Mark III. The second one is surely is a rubbish, wasting time.

Ok, you may say the first one pretty cause got girl which maybe a model. Anyway, my point is without a skill and the tools (camera, lens) and the environment, a Mark III can't even beat my Lumix.

Now, second question, is lens important? The answer is yes, cause that the only way to let the camera to tell you how you (or it) see this world. I like Mr. Bokeh's photo, and he like his 55mm f1.2 lens very much. I think that lens really can let you focus on something. Anyway sometime he is over bokeh his photos. As compare to similar lens by this, for sure I like the first one although the second one is good also.

So my conclusion is, to take a photo, you need a camera; to take a nice and attractive photo, you need a camera (probably a SLR), a lens that can help you focus and emphasis the story that you want to record and tell people how you feel about the scene and the last which is most important, the skill. Without skill, these fantastic tools can't even beat Lumix FX7.

And, it is very personal taste when talking about art. Maybe a photo for you is just a normal photo but for someone else it maybe a good or a rubbish photo. Just like some people like hardrock and some just pissed with that kind of music.

Anyway, photo is the only tool that can stop the time for that moment. Take more picture and tell your grandchildren how is the world look like when you are young.

Footnote: I've end out poisoned myself this time :(

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cyborg She

Ayase Haruka, she just different with her early movie, Crying Out Love in the Center of the World.

Anyway, nice movie.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You idiot!

My sub-cond just informed me that he going to marry next year Feb.
Wahahahahahaha.... how stupid, end the golden bachelor life just like that. Brother, 30's is the golden age of a man, we should not end our life so easy. You must be crazy or drunk. Don't worry, I bring you to Bahrain to runaway from the wedding ceremony. No need to thanks me, brother mah.

Brother, listen to me, don't be so stupid. There are plenty and infinite of girls outside there waiting for us. How can we just end our most precious age because a girl. No way man, it can't be real.

So, listen, stop your stupidity and enjoy the life, we go mabuk this Friday with the unlimited of pretty girl outside there. OK? Deal. Good boy.

I wish I'm the lucky idiot guy that able to end the lonely bachelor tomorrow :_(

Monday, November 10, 2008

The flow of project

When we laugh at this comic strip, we should feel sorry for our stupidity.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Flying with Gulfair guide

First of all, I just want to express my feeling on this airline. Please give me few second.


Anyway, because of the price, we still need to use this stupid airline to fly to Bahrain and back to Malaysia. Therefore, here is some guideline for you to make yourself conform.

1. Bring your own earphone.

99% of the earphone supply by the airline is not function. Either totally no sound, or only half got sound, or the earphone only play noise. Just bring your own MP3 player earphone to use in the flight.

2. Fully charge your notebook

There is no such thing as VOD on that flight. So the only way to enjoy the VOD is by using your own notebook. Fully charge your notebook battery can let you enjoy about 4 hours of entertainment.

3. Bring your game console, PSP or DS, if you have.
Get one if possible. To kill the time.

4. Bring sweater when you back from Bahrain airport

Ok, this one really make me frust. They should call it freezer not air-cond, so that the passenger will bring sweater when they enter to the airport. Now I'm damn sick of their stupidity. I wounder which stupid company build this stupid air-cond system.

Ok, that all I can say about the stupid GulfAir, hope this guide can help you to prevent bad time when using this airline.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The idea squirrel

We don't like that but it is always in the corporate.