Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You idiot!

My sub-cond just informed me that he going to marry next year Feb.
Wahahahahahaha.... how stupid, end the golden bachelor life just like that. Brother, 30's is the golden age of a man, we should not end our life so easy. You must be crazy or drunk. Don't worry, I bring you to Bahrain to runaway from the wedding ceremony. No need to thanks me, brother mah.

Brother, listen to me, don't be so stupid. There are plenty and infinite of girls outside there waiting for us. How can we just end our most precious age because a girl. No way man, it can't be real.

So, listen, stop your stupidity and enjoy the life, we go mabuk this Friday with the unlimited of pretty girl outside there. OK? Deal. Good boy.

I wish I'm the lucky idiot guy that able to end the lonely bachelor tomorrow :_(