Saturday, January 28, 2012

How much you have made last year?

Every new year we will start to calculate how much money we have made or earn last year cause income tax is coming to us soon. Basically, today I'm not going to ask you how much you have made or telling you how much I have made, but just to share with you how much our good friends have made last year.

Start with our best friend, Google, has reported $2.71b of profit  with net revenue of $8.13b for2011 Q4 financial's report . Next, let's see our most heated friend, Microsoft, has reported $6.62b of profit with revenue of $20.89b (2011 Q2). The our most missed friend, Apple, has reported $13.06b of profit with $46.33b of revenue (2012 Q1). Last let's see our Asian friend, Samsung, has reported $4.7b of profit with $42b of revenue (2011 Q4).

We can notice that selling hardware is definatelly earn more than just selling software, now you know why Google bought Motorola and why Microsoft work with Nokia.

Let's us see how some other companies did. First, someone that I hated most, Nokia, has reported $13.1b of sales but loss of $1.3b (2011 Q4). Motorola has reported revenue of $3.4b with net loss of $80m. The next I hated most friend, HTC, has an unaudited income of $430m, drop 22% as compare to the year before. Now HTC is going to work with IBM, I personally will not buy HTC because of its very bad history. Blackberry (RIM) has reported $5.2b of revenue with $265m income (2011 Q3).

Kodak has finally come to Chapter 11, a giant in photography, finally death in the flow of digital, RIP. The second photography company that seem to be going into history is Olympus with her $1.7b accounting scandal.   Sony Ericsson is walking into the history also with loss of $317m.

My personal point of view, Google will continue raising and she will put more effort on the hardware. I believe she will shake the world in very near future. Nokia will not die so soon and I really can't look down on Microsoft, she just too great to be defeated. Apple still alone, I have to admit that Steve Jobs has growth her up to a very strong level to be defeated in very near future. I really like Apple's idea, concentrate to make and support a best hardware instead of producing 1000 rubbish hardware with no support. I hope to see one day Android can be upgraded just like how iProduct being updated, even an aunt know how to upgrade their phone.

Ok, let's put our eyes on these players and see how they preform in the dragon year.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

So, finally it's new year eve, a day that we had waited for the whole year. This year Chinese New Year is definitively one of the best cause we going to have a very very long holiday, I pray hard so that no one call me in the middle of the night to go to site, ah-men.

So, this year is slightly different, cause I'm going to bring my princess to have new year eve lunch and dinner at both our parents house. Hope she can behave herself, or else I will cut some of her angpao :p

This year is dragon year, and according to the history, dragon year always a global business recession year. I met one in year 2001 when I just graduate from university. I still remember I was so desperate until I apply almost any job available in the paper advertisement and jobstreet, even a technician job. And I believe me and my wife are very lucky cause finally we got a very good offer. Me in the air-cond line and she at the water line. I resigned last year (maybe due to the unpeaceful rabbit year) and she was promoted. So, as long as you willing to work, these is nothing to scare of.

Wish everyone a happy and prosperous water dragon year, huat arrrrrrrr~~~~~~~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fuck u SOPA!

Please return the rights to us. This world doesn't belongs to few morons that sitting at the top, it's belongs to all of us.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 International CES

If you are fans of IT & gadget, CES will not sound strange to you. It's happening now at Las Vegas, from 10/1 until 13/1.

This year sound very interesting and mostly are concentrated on OLED screen, slate, ultrabook, smartphone, new processor. All the big players are there to show their latest product line for year 2012. So, if you plan to get a new phone or new notebook, wait until June to get all the latest products from these players.

What I notice these few days, Android 4.0 ICS will flood the world of phone, slate and TV operating system this year; screen resolution is pushing to HD 1920x1080 for new ultrabook; touchscreen will dominant the world from phone until huge TV; phone and TV getting thinner and thinner; Intel finally realized that the huge market of mobile processor; Microsoft is trying hard to penetrate the phone and tablet market; Nokia and BlackBerry seem dying; Ericsson is no more with Sony.

Year 2012 will be a very interesting year and I believe once Google TV launched, it will again shake the world. Let's sit down, have a cool drink and watch the show.