Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Day 1

The flight landed on Paris CDG airport safely around 7am in the morning. We make a transit at Abu Dhabi and lucky our flight to Abu Dhabi is on time and we only have less than 2 hours of transit time. Everything just goes smooth and we boarded the plane to Paris around 1am in the morning.

The first thing that needs to do after we had passed the immigration gate is to think how to get into Paris. There are few ways to go to Paris from CDG airport. We can choose bus, train or taxi. Because we will using the train and metro service in the Paris, so we choose to get a 6 zones 5 days pass from the RER counter. There are lots of signboards leading to the RER station and the days pass can get it from the counter very easily. The price for 6 zones 5 days pass is €49.40 (about RM200++ O.O).

Once we bought the pass, the first thing need to do is take a copy of their train and metro map. Very useful when you needs to find your way to any corner in Paris.

We took train line B (blue) to the Paris and transit at Notre Dame and continue proceed to the hotel using line C (yellow). When we reach the hotel around 11am and the room is not ready. We left our luggage in the hotel lobby and go to walk around the hotel area. There is a park and we sit there relax for a while. Ya, before continue, about the weather. In the morning, the temperature is about 5-7 deg. C, and in the afternoon is about 15-20 deg. C and in the evening is around 10-15 deg. C. So, morning and evening is very cool and afternoon is actually very comfortable.

After sitting in the park for awhile, we decided to go town to start our Paris trip. The first stop is at the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. Seriously, I don’t know how to pronounce that. You can follow this wiki to know this church.

Basilique is located at a slightly higher place and the church is white color and from the church area you can view the whole Paris town. You can see the very nice Paris skyline from this area.

There are some street performances in front of the church and the some flea markets around the street. If you would like to get yourself painted, here you can find lot of painter that can do the job for you.

After visited the church, we went to find the Moulin Rough. I haven’t watched the movie so I didn’t know much about the story behind this Moulin Rough. All I know is that the ticket for the show is damn expensive, I think around €120.

If you would like some night life when you in Paris, you can come to this area at night and there will lots of people will ask you “Do you need a lady?”. Pigalle is the red light district. How I know that. Well, when last time I’m transit at Paris, a monkey bringing me to this area, that why I know that.

Ok, after visit the two areas, we went back to hotel because we are very tired since we didn’t sleep much on the plane.

To be continue…

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mona Lisa

Ok, before I start to write about my Paris-London trip, I want to share something about the painting of da Vinci, the Mona Lisa.

When I visit to Louvre museum and I saw hundred of peoples standing in front of the Mona Lisa and taking picture of it, and I change my zoom lens and standing behind these peoples and take this famous painting. Because the painting is so expensive, it is covered with a piece of glass, and you can see the reflection of the peoples at the bottom part of the photo. According to the wiki, about 6 million of peoples went to Louvre to see this painting every year O.O

At that time I wonder, what make this painting so famous. If you had visited to Louvre museum before, you will saw lot of very great, huge and colorful paintings hanging on the wall, and Mona Lisa is actually only 30" x 21" in size, and the color is actually quite dull. But I have to agree that da Vinci is definitely a better painter than me :p

So, I search the internet about the Mona Lisa painting and one of the answer is that, this is a revolution painting and lot of new styles and techniques of painting are used or created by the master Leonardo da Vinci.

The second question is that who is the lady in the picture? According to the wiki again, she is Lisa del Giocondo. So, who is she? Well, according to wiki again, she is a mother of six children and just an ordinary person.

Leonardo spent almost 16 years to finish this masterpiece and luckily he finish the drawing before he died. So, I have to respect this genius for his passion in his work.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Sorry for the interruption, I'm still in London today, will go to Paris this afternoon and most important part is that I DIDNT CAUSE THE VOLCANO ERUPT, please don't blame me if you not able to take the flight. I believe will stuck in Paris for few more days :)

Will update soon.

P.S. Still looking for spare time to write the tour itinerary, exhausted everyday :s

Friday, April 09, 2010

Paris-London trip - Prologue

Ok everyone, when you read this post, I'm on the flight to Paris. Hohoho ^^
Please don't jealous me, but if you do, I also don't mind :p

Long time no go vacation with my wife, last time I call her my girl. The last trip is last 2 years when we went to visit Angkor Wat with my colleagues, a wonderful trip actually.

So this time, we will going to Paris and London for honeymoon ^^
Please don't jealous me again :p

Don't have much time to plan the trip actually, so hope I can cover as much tourist areas as possible. Definitely will take as many photos as I can and post as many photos as I can and as fast as possible.

Ok, so, happy holiday to me and "HAPPY WORKING" and "HAPPY SCHOOLING" to your all, wahahahahahahaha......

Will try to update at Abu Dhabi if time allow. Bye bye :p

Saturday, April 03, 2010

About running

Well, finished the 1/2 night marathon last Saturday night. I got the result yesterday, ranking at 491 with 2:50 hours, and the first place finish his run about 1 hour++, I wounder how he do that -.-

According to fanshue's father, we should finish the run around 2 hours. So extra 50 minutes telling me, I'm very weak. My legs start to cramp after 2 hours of running and I can't really can run fast, so most of the time walk and run slowly. And the last 2km seem like 20km to me :_( so torturing. However, we manage to finish the run in time.

Before the run, fanshue told me he don't want to run for 21km for the coming KL marathon, but after the run, he changes his mind ^.^ another serious runner. So, me and him go to run for 21km again in the coming KL marathon fall on 27/6.

Lots of my friend also surprise, what happen to this sohai. I never able to finish my PJ (pendidikan jasmani, sorry, I'm too old to remember the subject already :_() running test. And after so many, I start to fall in love with this sport. Hope before 40, I can at least run for full marathon once.

So, take this opportunity to invite everyone of you to join this international event, KL marathon, no matter you are running full, 1/2, 10km or 5km, take this opportunity to test your stamina, create a habit of exercise, and to join the crowd.

So, see you there.

Running is a very lonely sport. But it calm your mind.