Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thought for the day

It has been a very busy month for me since Sept., cause I finally start to renovate my kitchen after 10 years staying in my current house. Due to financial, timing, and resources, I had dragged this for almost 3 years, and finally I can't find any excuses for me to not doing it. Will upload some photos once it is done.

Along these days, I saw those workers working under the sun, carrying those construction materials, climbing up and down, and I actually part of the worker too cause I don't have money to pay for electrician, therefore I do the electrical work myself. From cabling until hacking wall, I can say its look easy but actually not that easy, anyway it is a good exercise, much much better than going to those fitness centers.

With all these tough works, those workers only earn RM75 per day. There are no such thing as holiday for them, holiday mean no work and also mean no salary. I don't know what is the market rate for Bolehland citizen, I believe it should be higher, maybe.

I remember few months back when Bolehland government enforce the minimum wage for all the labours, I saw lot of bosses came out and tell everyone that they going to bankrupt if this minimum wage act going to be enforced. It's start puzzling me, how can a company bankrupt because they pay RM800 as minimum wage to their workers. Why don't those bosses try to work for me and I willing to pay RM1000 or even more to them. I saw lot of bosses driving luxury car/cars and changing car like changing cloth, every once a year. Their house huge until you need a map to go from front to back, the number of car is more than the number of human living inside the house, and yet they are yelling like they going to die tomorrow. Blood sucker!

Have you ever asked yourself, why a construction worker, risking their health working under the sun, carrying heavy material and they are paid less than someone working in the air-conditioned room, sitting in front of the PC and looking at facebook all the time? Is there any fairness?

I'm not a communism or socialist and I don't believe those theories, but I believe the system need to be balanced. The gap of poor and rich is getting wider and wider. Some people live with few hundred ringgit a month and some still yelling poor even they got a billion in their bank account.