Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007


Every year, when Chinese New Year came, we will get angpao from parent, relatives and also elders. Every year, I will keep the angpao until after the end of Chinese New Year then I will open it and keep those money in the bank. Year by year, and I have been doing it for 29 years. It's happy when receiving angpao, it's not about money but it's a festival feeling actually.

As usual, this year I "ask" angpao from my colleagues :p (too bad they have to give me cause I'm still single). It maybe my last year to ask for angpao, next year I promise them I will give angpao to their children. Hopefully.

Anyway, I hope my girl friend will agree with me.

Girl, I'm getting embarrass to ask for angpao already, can we give angpao next year?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's 4.30Am

... I fetch my girl to airport. Will miss her again for another week.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stock Market

It's 1278! Finally, after 13 years, we are at high point. Too bad, I don't involve in any stock market games :(

It's a good news?

I start to worry. It's another 10 years from our last economy crisis. From past experience, we all know, the economy crisis repeat every 10 years. Will it be happen this year? When?

I'm not economist but everyone should know I'm Conan's fan, therefore the prediction that I make is just a collection of past evidents and I hope it will be useful to you.

In 27 Oct. 1997, we had a global stock market crash after the economic crisis. It's Monday.

In 19 Oct. 1987, we had the Black Monday where the most famous stock market crash in the history.

In 13 Oct. 1989, we had the Friday the 13th, a mini crash due to fail of Leveraged buyout deal of United Airlines.

And back to 24, 28-29 Oct. 1929, we had the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

So, will we facing another stock market crash on October this year? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I love her!

From Taiyou no Uta (A song to the sun)

How to synchronize your clock

There is a simple way to synchronize your computer clock with the atomic clock in Windows XP.

1. Right click on the clock on the task bar and select Adjust Date/Time
2. Select Internet Time tab.
3. Check Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server.

Your PC clock with be synchronized.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dinstein Astrology Class

The showed picture is called Spring Cow Chart <春牛图> (ha ha, not sure can translate like this or not :). It's used to describe or predict the weather of the year. Mainly used by farmer due to most of them are illiteracy.

How to read this chart? There is a poem showed at the below of the chart.



There are lot of informations embedded in the poem (please don't ask me to translate, I'm not a Fung Shui master), mainly are on season informations.

Here I show you how to read the chart. But before that, the man is call Mang God <芒神> and the cow is Spring Cow <春牛>.

  1. The Mang God is standing at the right of the spring Cow.

    • It's mean the beginning of spring is earlier than the new year.

  2. The Mang God is wearing slipper.

    • It's mean this year will be a less raining year.

  3. The poem on the top right - [三冬雨水多,九夏禾無蹤]

    • It's mean quantity of rain will be more on winter (month 3rd) and less on summer (month 9th), it is adnormal.

  4. The poem on the top left - [人民多瘧瘴,六畜盡遭迍]

    • It's mean there will be epidemic happen on humans and animals.

According to NASA, there will be El Nino effect for the year 2007. So whether this year is a summer year or a raining year, only time will tell. I will let you know by next year.

Some how, both also predict a serious pandemic this year, I really hope they all wrongly predict it.

Once again happy Chinese New Year to all.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Chinese New Year Eve's Eve!

It's going to be a long holiday (hopefully). Unfortunately, today the bosses is going to have a meeting regarding a new project with client, hence there is no early dismiss like last few year :(

And I still having lot of document have to be done. It's a busy year.

Sometime, we wish the company can doing well, get lot of project then at the end of the year, everyone will reward with the efforts and hard works that we dump into the company. But some how sometime the input is not equal to the output.

You may ask yourself, do I need to be so hardworking? Why I'm still doing it? Hobby?

From all my previous bogs, the engineer that I described is

1. Hard working
2. A genius
3. Stupid guy
4. Hands on person
5. Very poor in presentation
6. Poor in English/language
7. Do thing quietly

If you having the above "symptoms" then well come to engineering world, else congratulation, you are qualified to promote to manager level.

Back to today topic, as usual I'm not lucky enough in lucky draw.

Ok, everyone, Happy Chinese New Year and Go Xi Fa Cai.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Valentine

For those are single and available, today is time for you to promote yourself and you "friend" to become boy/girl friend.

For those are married, it's time for you to make a baby.

For those are single but not available, today you need to spent all your bonus for your love one.

I hope something nice will happen around me, I hope all my friend will get their partner by today.

And I hope, my girl will marry me this year.

Anyway, happy Valentine to all and specially to my lovely lady.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I don't know what you're doing!

Did you ever heard this from your boss? What is your feeling?

None of us like this statement, it's mean

We (the management) think that you are only wasting our company resources and you are not contributed to the company. You took all company profit and yet you are useless to us. Youare suck!

Some people will resign if they heard these words, most will be angry but still quietly continue their works. It's a humiliation to staff who being asked.

There are two situations where the management will make this statement.

  1. The management knows what he/she wants and he/she is expecting some contribution from the staff, however the staff can't deliver it.

  2. The management does not know what he/she want and he/she expecting the staff reports everything to him/her, but somehow, the staff had failed to deliver it.

Most of the engineering cases are belonging to the 2nd scenario.

Most of the engineers are very lousy reporter. They just don’t know how to make a good and presentable report. Therefore, it’s creating a gap between the management and the staff (engineer).

The engineer is spending most of their time at site to push the job move forward. On the other hand, the management is wondering why the engineer never goes back to office and report to them. What is the engineer doing? Will be the first question come out from the management mind.

Here is my suggestion to the management.

If you don’t know what your staff is doing and you think he/she is extra, then fire him/her. If you found out that the company is running smooth, then you had fired the correct staff and saved company resources for others or for yourself. But if the result is the other way round, then you will know what is that staff is doing in the past.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Is Chinese New Year Coming?

I still remember, last few year, before CNY lots of suppliers and subcontractors come and treat us CNY lunch/dinner until we rather go to eat mix rice. But this year, until today I still haven't had chance to have one.

There are only a week to the CNY, but I'm not filling with the CNY mood.


1. Are we too busy?
2. Is the increment disappoint us?
3. Is the bonus disappoint us?
4. Is the award disappoint us?
5. Is the supplier/subcond. not getting paid?
6. Is the supplier/subcond. margin too low until no budget for entertainment?
7. Is the company losing money?
8. Is the company having bad debt?
9. Is the increasing toll stopping us to go our have lunch/dinner?
10. Am I having too much overnight?
11. Am I work too hard?
12. Am I too stupid?
13. Is CNY coming?

Anyway, I want to wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's war time

It's time for war and I'm ready!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Working overnight again

I think I'm sick. Very tire and sleep today.
Man, I'm getting old.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Maths for the money

I had found out that the maths for money is totally different from maths for engineering.

When doing tender or costing:

Eng. : Boss, this gadget is $1.
Boss : How do you know it's $1?
Eng. : I checked with other suppliers, and here is the other two suppliers quotations. One selling for $1.10 and the other selling for $1.15.
Boss : I want to know how they come up to this figure. You go and check the cost of the raw material, how many workers are needed to produce it, the worker's qualification, how many children they have.
Eng. : ...

When the company report the annual financial:

Boss : This year we have total project value of $100.
Eng. : (Happy) Ye.....
Boss : The profit margin is 20%, thus we loss $50.
Eng. : ??????? ($100 x 20% = -$50?????????)
Boss : However, we (the bosses) still come out with our OWN pocket money and give you all increment and bonus.
Eng. : ...

The government also use their own maths system.

S.V. : We had spent $7000 to repair the bridge.
Peo. : But last time you said, $100 for a piece of the bridge support, and there are only 18 pieces. How come it's become $7000?
S.V. : Actually there are 30 pieces of bridge support need to be repaired.
Peo. : But that only come to $3000, where is the remaining $4000?
S.V. : You see, we use $100 for each of the repair and we had employed consultant to consult us on the repair works.
Peo. : What! The consultant fees is $4000!!!!
S.V. : No! You see, $100 x 30 + consultant = $7000.
Peo. : Then the consultant fees is $4000.
S.V. : No, no, no. I repeat again $100 x 30 + consultant = $7000.
Peo. : ????????????

I think, we (the engineers and the people) need to go back to school and re-study the basic of maths again.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


If someone telling you that you are monopoly a section/area/product/technology/service, what is he mean?

Is he mean:

1. I had been forced to use your product/service!
2. You had charged me with sky high price and yet I still need to pay to you.
3. I can't question your product/service quality.
4. I need to look at your face to use your product/service.
5. You had stopped other competitor to enter the market/area that you are in.
6. I need to see your bastard face everyday!
7. I'm losing money cause I had to paid very high price to you.
8. You are suck!
9. All related product/service have to be purchase from you.
10. You had screwed up my plan!
11. ...

I think I need to read more psychology and law books to understand the meaning the meaning behind these words.