Sunday, February 11, 2007

I don't know what you're doing!

Did you ever heard this from your boss? What is your feeling?

None of us like this statement, it's mean

We (the management) think that you are only wasting our company resources and you are not contributed to the company. You took all company profit and yet you are useless to us. Youare suck!

Some people will resign if they heard these words, most will be angry but still quietly continue their works. It's a humiliation to staff who being asked.

There are two situations where the management will make this statement.

  1. The management knows what he/she wants and he/she is expecting some contribution from the staff, however the staff can't deliver it.

  2. The management does not know what he/she want and he/she expecting the staff reports everything to him/her, but somehow, the staff had failed to deliver it.

Most of the engineering cases are belonging to the 2nd scenario.

Most of the engineers are very lousy reporter. They just don’t know how to make a good and presentable report. Therefore, it’s creating a gap between the management and the staff (engineer).

The engineer is spending most of their time at site to push the job move forward. On the other hand, the management is wondering why the engineer never goes back to office and report to them. What is the engineer doing? Will be the first question come out from the management mind.

Here is my suggestion to the management.

If you don’t know what your staff is doing and you think he/she is extra, then fire him/her. If you found out that the company is running smooth, then you had fired the correct staff and saved company resources for others or for yourself. But if the result is the other way round, then you will know what is that staff is doing in the past.