Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's new year eve

Ok, finally year 2013 is going to end, as usual I like to conclude my year here.

So, what I can say about year 2013. The words that I can think of are unstable, fluctuate, tension, stress, busy, tired, and many many negative words.

I'm 36 years old this year, and according to Chinese astrology this year is an unstable year for me. For the whole years, I'm mentally, physically and financially unstable. I try to settle down, but I never manage to do it, especially after mid year. This year, it really hit me hard.

Anyway, I'm still alive, standing still. People said, if something didn't kill you, then it will make stronger. It's a painful learning curve, but no pain no gain. Sometime, we really need to thank to the people that giving us those hard time, it let us grow up.

Nothing much I achieve this year, Basically I manage to install my house a PV system, now every month I enjoy a passive income of around RM600-RM650. These income really help me a lot when I'm in deep shit. I started to pick up my dream of becoming embedded system designer, pick up those electronics thing, learning new electronics knowledge, and I found it really change a lot since my school time. My learning speed is getting slower as compare to when I was young.

So, what I want to wish for year 2014?

First, I wish year 2014 will be a more peaceful and smoother path for me to expand my career. Secondly, I wish a good health for my family. And lastly, I wish I manage to earn some money to bring my family for a vacation this year.

And never forget for all my reader a happy new year and may your wish come true.

See you all next year.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

My garden

I would like to share this long time ago but didn't mange to get the time and mood to do it. Finally, today I share these happy news with you.

First, my longan tree finally bear some fruit since last year. It's a long wait, finally it is here.

I planted 2 honeydew and unfortunately 1 didn't make it, and the other one has been tried to bear some fruit and finally it she make it. So far it is one of the most sensitive plant I ever planted. Hope the fruit can grow large enough.

One of my favorited vegetable. Quite easy to plant, easy to get fruit also. If you like it, just buy the seed from the store and plant in the pot, it will bear fruit very fast.

This is excited, my grape tree start to bear some fruit. According to the Internet, most of the time the flower can only have 30% chances of successfully pollinated. Hope to get some nice juicy grape from my garden soon.

My passion fruit start bearing fruit since few months ago. I'm don't know why the first batch is very small, luckily the second round is bigger and healthier.

And the new member to my garden. This photo is quite old, now the plant is much bigger. Anyway, anyone know what is this? Let you guy guess and I tell you the answer in future post.

If I pluck a fruit for you a day, you will just get a fruit; if I teach you how to plant, you will get a farm of fruit waiting for you to give to others. So, start learning to farm at your home.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

I don't really know this person in detail, all I know about him is he is a great man, a Nobel Peace Price winner.

Everytime we hope we can be a great man, a hero, but hero needs lots of guts which we normal people can't afford to own it.


Some people died, but he still alive; some people alive but he is dead.