Saturday, December 07, 2013

My garden

I would like to share this long time ago but didn't mange to get the time and mood to do it. Finally, today I share these happy news with you.

First, my longan tree finally bear some fruit since last year. It's a long wait, finally it is here.

I planted 2 honeydew and unfortunately 1 didn't make it, and the other one has been tried to bear some fruit and finally it she make it. So far it is one of the most sensitive plant I ever planted. Hope the fruit can grow large enough.

One of my favorited vegetable. Quite easy to plant, easy to get fruit also. If you like it, just buy the seed from the store and plant in the pot, it will bear fruit very fast.

This is excited, my grape tree start to bear some fruit. According to the Internet, most of the time the flower can only have 30% chances of successfully pollinated. Hope to get some nice juicy grape from my garden soon.

My passion fruit start bearing fruit since few months ago. I'm don't know why the first batch is very small, luckily the second round is bigger and healthier.

And the new member to my garden. This photo is quite old, now the plant is much bigger. Anyway, anyone know what is this? Let you guy guess and I tell you the answer in future post.

If I pluck a fruit for you a day, you will just get a fruit; if I teach you how to plant, you will get a farm of fruit waiting for you to give to others. So, start learning to farm at your home.