Monday, May 06, 2013

The new day

Yesterday everyone are excited waiting in front of the TV, the laptop screen, tablet, smartphone. We all wait with hope. Time fly and the results are ugly. I don't know how true is the facebook posts, but I saw very ugly and dirty election.

All these days we worry about how important of the voting sheet, but I saw not much of spoiled votes meaning everyone handles it correctly. Then the phantom voters, I'm not sure how true is the facebook posts again, but I believe based on the captured photos, the phantom voters will not go to the voting center and cast their vote, why they need to take the hassle if they can just cast the vote some place, pack it and sent to the counting center? About the sudden blackout, something is fishy. Boleh1and has the most stable power supply in this region, how can it suddenly blackout at the most critical point? Maybe everyone is so excited and cause the electrical overload and trip. Anything can happen here.

If there are no dirty tricks, then we really lose. Previously election the MIC dead, this time MCA dead, now we have government with only UMNO representatives, it is not healthy, although it makes no different even MIC and MCA is there. We all hope for a new chapter, but the people are not ready this time. Still got lots of people looking at their own interest and pocket when casting the vote, that is the dirty side of politic, the money politic. I can't blame them since that is their right.

Too all my friends, please don't give up, we have done what we can do to help for a better tomorrow. We have lost, but lost with pride cause we know more than 50% of rakyat want a new government. The world is not end yet, the sun will still rise today and there are lot more to do. Let's start prepares for the next five years. We will win one day.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Time out

I have never feel so Malaysian today.
May god bless the justices.

It's 5pm now, the voting process end in this minute. Let's pray for better tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Labor day

Today is labor day, so I start working since morning. First start with realign the PV modules, but not really successful since very limited space to adjust. Then, painting the structure. It's tire day for me, but a meaningful one.

Still got 4 more days and I hope we will have a totally new Bolehland. We have been living in the unfair and corrupted country  for so many decades, it is time for a restart.