Saturday, October 31, 2009

My first 11km

All my friends know me that I hate sport, the only sport that I like is baseball, I don't know exactly why I love baseball, but I think one of the reason is the baseball cap. It is just cool. Too bad, Bolehland don't encourage baseball sport.

Among those sports, the one that I hate most is running. So far in my memory, I never able to finish my running test in time. I alway the last one that finish it. I hate that since primary school. I alway give myself an excuse that I'm to genius to become a sport man.

But when I getting old, I start to realize that I left too much failures and blank papers in my life. So I plan to pick it up and I want to complete it one by one before when I'm too old and I'm too late to regret.

Thanks to fanshue for accompany me to run in this 1/4 marathon, and it is the first time I complete my running in time. Nothing is more happier than you have conquered your own fear.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanks to 4,082,411 of Bolehlandian

Last week, our government said that to prevent us from overspend the money, so they apply tax on our credit card. The more you have, the more you need to pay. Wow, I feel so touch that our good government care about us. And because of this our government will have about extra $550 million income. Then they will use this money to improve our country like having some parties, go oversea vacation, etc.

After that, they also care about our people safety, so all cars above 15 years need to send for checking. Wow, again, I feel so touching to have such a nice government. I love them. Again the fees collected should be a huge amount of income to the country. Although we need to wait for maybe 1 week to check the car due to the limitation of the facility. And we maybe need to buy our hardworking inspector drink coffee to reduce their tiredness and to make them please.

So, hereby I would like to thanks 4,082,411 sohais in this country to vote for this bunch of sohais to govern our country. Thank you and I hope we can vote for them again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Thursday night

I'm at the airport again, going back to Bolehland after almost 3 weeks away from home. I miss my home. There is not other place better than home.

it will be sometime before I travel again, I hope so. Thanks to my wild horse handle the site for me, he is a great engineer although he always complain that he want to give up his engineering life. Be proud of what you have been trained for, it another way of respecting yourself and your life.

Talking about ambition, I remember when I'm still in primary school, I wish to become inventor like Thomas Edison. I believe he is idol for lot of children. But sooner I realized that being an inventor is not an occupation and not much people can really make it. So Einstein come into my life. He is a genius and he is a humble genius. The again, I realize no everyone can become scientist, you have to be a genius and luck to finally come out with something useful to the world.

Finally, I wish myself to become an electronics engineer and I hold my dream since primary school until I make sure myself graduate as an electronics engineer. And I did.

I am not a rich guy, I need to work to earn a bowl of rice. Bolehland's engineers are mostly underpaid, and I believe I'm part of the sample that built up the statistic figure. Anyway, I don't need to beg under the bridge for my meal :)

Love your job is another way to respect your life. This world is wonderful, it is not grey colour.

Ok, battery low :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Have been in Finland city for about 5 days, it is a very nice country. Very quiet, calm, everywhere you will see trees, green grass, flowers, lake, river, ... it is just beautiful.

I'm spending most of my evening time walking around the city, really enjoyable, although walking alone. The weather is cool, most of the time my right hand is frozen due to holding camera all the time. It's difficult to wear glove when you want to take photo, anyway, it is not that cold after awhile.

Meal time is always a difficult time for me cause I really don't know what is written in the menu. I only know something call fish, chicken, lamb and pork and I cant found these words in the menu :( People like to talk how great they are and how knowledgeable. I sit there like a kayu. I miss nasi lemak :_(

Working is tire, not because of works, as usual because of human. Well, I better forget it now.

Will be stayed at Paris for a night, will try to go Paris city to hunt the Eiffel tower :)

Ok, that all for today. Wish it is a sunny day at Paris :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, it is 10.30PM already, almost 48 hours didn't sleep already. Taking night flight is killing me -.-

Finally I touch down at Finland at 2.30PM. Ok, before I forget, there is not len lui sit beside me from Dustyland to Paris (-.- someone curse me, i think), but lucky enough, no lady boy sit beside me also :p

Reach Paris around 7AM and get the transit at Terminal 2, and guess what, I'm so lucky to see a group of Japanese school girl queuing at the boarding gate there. Wow, so sweet, so kawaii, hehe. Thankew you for the consolation price.

Finland is like a very small town if looking from the plane. Not much tall buildings. What I can see from the plane is yellow and green tree and field with houses scatter around. Very nice view actually. After checked in to the hotel, I walk around the Helsinki city center area. With the cold weather (7 Deg. C) and the yellowish tree, it is just so beautiful. All the tire suddenly just disappear.

At night, I'm having dinner with the client at the restaurant (Papa Giovanni). I'm not very particular on food, so, not bad the serving, just have to wait very long time and expensive if convert the currency -.-

Ok, going to sleep now. Tomorrow not sure what will happen, hopefully is a good luck day for me again.

P.S. I saw some Japanese teens staying at same hotel, hehe, no sure...

Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Friday again

As usual, I like to write blog on holiday, and today is Friday and it is a off day for me cause Dustyland don't work on Friday.

What to write today? Ok, start from work first.

I'm going to Finland tonight for a factory acceptance test for inverter. Thank you to FanShue for preparing the submission for me, I owe you a fridge magnet. I try to get for you this time :p

I'm flying again tonight, thanks to God that I do not need to become zookeepers tonight. And again, I implore you, my God, please mercy me by sending a lenlui to sit beside me tonight. Thankew you. Transit at Paris and will reach Helsinki in the evening.

Will be at Finland for 5 days before I back to Dustyland. This time will stay 1 night at Paris due to the connecting flight is not possible, hehe, thankew you God. And the bad news is, the sohai Toh set me up by disclose my itinerary >( I hate him >"<

Anyway, I know I'm always a good luck person, all the while I'm very good luck. Let see what happen next. I got few hours to walk in Paris and I promise to my apprentice, UMG with BS spirit, that I going to take the Eiffel tower photo for her. I hope I wouldn't disappoint her and myself.

I learn two French from Cheong, bonju when start talking to people, then miasi for thankew you. Hope I don't get lost.

I try to update this once I'm alone and free.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
A. Einstein