Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Have been in Finland city for about 5 days, it is a very nice country. Very quiet, calm, everywhere you will see trees, green grass, flowers, lake, river, ... it is just beautiful.

I'm spending most of my evening time walking around the city, really enjoyable, although walking alone. The weather is cool, most of the time my right hand is frozen due to holding camera all the time. It's difficult to wear glove when you want to take photo, anyway, it is not that cold after awhile.

Meal time is always a difficult time for me cause I really don't know what is written in the menu. I only know something call fish, chicken, lamb and pork and I cant found these words in the menu :( People like to talk how great they are and how knowledgeable. I sit there like a kayu. I miss nasi lemak :_(

Working is tire, not because of works, as usual because of human. Well, I better forget it now.

Will be stayed at Paris for a night, will try to go Paris city to hunt the Eiffel tower :)

Ok, that all for today. Wish it is a sunny day at Paris :)