Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Thursday night

I'm at the airport again, going back to Bolehland after almost 3 weeks away from home. I miss my home. There is not other place better than home.

it will be sometime before I travel again, I hope so. Thanks to my wild horse handle the site for me, he is a great engineer although he always complain that he want to give up his engineering life. Be proud of what you have been trained for, it another way of respecting yourself and your life.

Talking about ambition, I remember when I'm still in primary school, I wish to become inventor like Thomas Edison. I believe he is idol for lot of children. But sooner I realized that being an inventor is not an occupation and not much people can really make it. So Einstein come into my life. He is a genius and he is a humble genius. The again, I realize no everyone can become scientist, you have to be a genius and luck to finally come out with something useful to the world.

Finally, I wish myself to become an electronics engineer and I hold my dream since primary school until I make sure myself graduate as an electronics engineer. And I did.

I am not a rich guy, I need to work to earn a bowl of rice. Bolehland's engineers are mostly underpaid, and I believe I'm part of the sample that built up the statistic figure. Anyway, I don't need to beg under the bridge for my meal :)

Love your job is another way to respect your life. This world is wonderful, it is not grey colour.

Ok, battery low :)