Saturday, October 31, 2009

My first 11km

All my friends know me that I hate sport, the only sport that I like is baseball, I don't know exactly why I love baseball, but I think one of the reason is the baseball cap. It is just cool. Too bad, Bolehland don't encourage baseball sport.

Among those sports, the one that I hate most is running. So far in my memory, I never able to finish my running test in time. I alway the last one that finish it. I hate that since primary school. I alway give myself an excuse that I'm to genius to become a sport man.

But when I getting old, I start to realize that I left too much failures and blank papers in my life. So I plan to pick it up and I want to complete it one by one before when I'm too old and I'm too late to regret.

Thanks to fanshue for accompany me to run in this 1/4 marathon, and it is the first time I complete my running in time. Nothing is more happier than you have conquered your own fear.