Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Friday again

As usual, I like to write blog on holiday, and today is Friday and it is a off day for me cause Dustyland don't work on Friday.

What to write today? Ok, start from work first.

I'm going to Finland tonight for a factory acceptance test for inverter. Thank you to FanShue for preparing the submission for me, I owe you a fridge magnet. I try to get for you this time :p

I'm flying again tonight, thanks to God that I do not need to become zookeepers tonight. And again, I implore you, my God, please mercy me by sending a lenlui to sit beside me tonight. Thankew you. Transit at Paris and will reach Helsinki in the evening.

Will be at Finland for 5 days before I back to Dustyland. This time will stay 1 night at Paris due to the connecting flight is not possible, hehe, thankew you God. And the bad news is, the sohai Toh set me up by disclose my itinerary >( I hate him >"<

Anyway, I know I'm always a good luck person, all the while I'm very good luck. Let see what happen next. I got few hours to walk in Paris and I promise to my apprentice, UMG with BS spirit, that I going to take the Eiffel tower photo for her. I hope I wouldn't disappoint her and myself.

I learn two French from Cheong, bonju when start talking to people, then miasi for thankew you. Hope I don't get lost.

I try to update this once I'm alone and free.