Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, it is 10.30PM already, almost 48 hours didn't sleep already. Taking night flight is killing me -.-

Finally I touch down at Finland at 2.30PM. Ok, before I forget, there is not len lui sit beside me from Dustyland to Paris (-.- someone curse me, i think), but lucky enough, no lady boy sit beside me also :p

Reach Paris around 7AM and get the transit at Terminal 2, and guess what, I'm so lucky to see a group of Japanese school girl queuing at the boarding gate there. Wow, so sweet, so kawaii, hehe. Thankew you for the consolation price.

Finland is like a very small town if looking from the plane. Not much tall buildings. What I can see from the plane is yellow and green tree and field with houses scatter around. Very nice view actually. After checked in to the hotel, I walk around the Helsinki city center area. With the cold weather (7 Deg. C) and the yellowish tree, it is just so beautiful. All the tire suddenly just disappear.

At night, I'm having dinner with the client at the restaurant (Papa Giovanni). I'm not very particular on food, so, not bad the serving, just have to wait very long time and expensive if convert the currency -.-

Ok, going to sleep now. Tomorrow not sure what will happen, hopefully is a good luck day for me again.

P.S. I saw some Japanese teens staying at same hotel, hehe, no sure...