Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanks to 4,082,411 of Bolehlandian

Last week, our government said that to prevent us from overspend the money, so they apply tax on our credit card. The more you have, the more you need to pay. Wow, I feel so touch that our good government care about us. And because of this our government will have about extra $550 million income. Then they will use this money to improve our country like having some parties, go oversea vacation, etc.

After that, they also care about our people safety, so all cars above 15 years need to send for checking. Wow, again, I feel so touching to have such a nice government. I love them. Again the fees collected should be a huge amount of income to the country. Although we need to wait for maybe 1 week to check the car due to the limitation of the facility. And we maybe need to buy our hardworking inspector drink coffee to reduce their tiredness and to make them please.

So, hereby I would like to thanks 4,082,411 sohais in this country to vote for this bunch of sohais to govern our country. Thank you and I hope we can vote for them again.