Monday, March 05, 2007

My organizer

Lot of people nowadays bringing lot of gadgets, phone, PDA, PALM, notebook, MP3, etc. Most of them are happy with the product basic functions.

I have a Sony Ericsson K610 and a ASUS W3A notebook. Since I'm electronic engineer and majoring in communication, I would like to see them talking to each other. How?

I like Sony Ericsson because they are release all their phone information for other to develop application for their phone. You can go here to check on your S.E. phone (that why S.E. phone is for engineer). Personally I don't use software from S.E., it just too huge to install it and delay my notebook startup. So I use MyPhoneExplorer by F.J., very small and free application but it has everything you need.

On the notebook, I installed a organiser called Rainlendar by Rainy. Another small freeware but powerful enough for personal used.

Once you installed both, just select enable the synchronization function in MyPhoneExplorer and you are ready to have same database on PC and your phone.