Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is 15th!

Today is 15th of the lunar calender, and it is Chap Goh Meh (actually this phase is come from Hokkien, it mean end of fifteen; Chap Goh is fifteen and Meh is end or tail) or in Chinese it's called Yuan Xiao "元宵". It's also a Chinese Valentine. Today girl will throw orange into the river to wish for a good lover and the man will pick up the orange and become the lover :)

Yesterday, as "usual" I work until today morning, thanks to Nick for helping me this time (he had off his hand phone again to prevent me to call him XD). Anyone watch the lunar eclipse today at 4AM? I slept at 3AM, so don't expect me to wake up at 4AM.

Share with us if you captured any photo.

So today, the Chinese New Year ended :(



The new year is just begin, only the festival is ended. So keep all the holiday mood and begin another hardworking year. Who know, maybe next year you can became your own boss.