Friday, March 09, 2007

How much is 100 million?

Previously, I was wonder how much actually 1 million is. How to describe it. But today I start to thinking how much actually is 100 million.

  1. Basic description.

    • I like eat chicken rice, so how many dishes of chicken rice that need to be sold so that total sales is 100 million. If a chicken rice is $3.50 per dish, then 28,571,428 dishes need to be sold. All Malaysian need to eat at least a dish of the chicken rice to make up to this number.

  2. Expensive description

    • The gold price per gram is around $73.50. Therefore, 100 million can buy 1,360,544 gram of gold or in other word, 1.36 tonnes of gold. Almost a weight of a Camry.

  3. Luxury description

    • The size of $100 is 150mm x 69mm, a 100 million can make up to 1,035,000 m2, which is the area of 75.5 football fields.

I wonder how much of heat that can be produced by a 100 million of $1 notes. Can use to heat up water for my shower ah?