Sunday, March 18, 2007

Motorola phone charging problem. SOLVED!

We all know that Motorola phone always have charging problem after sometime. What actually happen? What went wrong?

My girlfriend family got a Motorola phone, and as usual it stop charging after 1-2 years. So once again as an electronic engineer, I'm going to repair it.

After open the cover, I checked the continuity. Look OK. Then I try to shake the connector. Surprise, the legs are moving.

It's soldering problem! The solder is not secure enough. Therefore after plug and unplug the connection for sometime, the solder will crack and the phone will have charging problem by then.

It's spend me 1/2 hour just to solder these pins. I think I need to get myself a surface mount soldering kit. The phone now back to normal charging function.

I'm not sure about the new Motorola phone, but old model which have this kind of connection will have this design defect. So if your Motorola phone stop charging, you should know what went wrong.