Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dinstein Astrology Class

The showed picture is called Spring Cow Chart <春牛图> (ha ha, not sure can translate like this or not :). It's used to describe or predict the weather of the year. Mainly used by farmer due to most of them are illiteracy.

How to read this chart? There is a poem showed at the below of the chart.



There are lot of informations embedded in the poem (please don't ask me to translate, I'm not a Fung Shui master), mainly are on season informations.

Here I show you how to read the chart. But before that, the man is call Mang God <芒神> and the cow is Spring Cow <春牛>.

  1. The Mang God is standing at the right of the spring Cow.

    • It's mean the beginning of spring is earlier than the new year.

  2. The Mang God is wearing slipper.

    • It's mean this year will be a less raining year.

  3. The poem on the top right - [三冬雨水多,九夏禾無蹤]

    • It's mean quantity of rain will be more on winter (month 3rd) and less on summer (month 9th), it is adnormal.

  4. The poem on the top left - [人民多瘧瘴,六畜盡遭迍]

    • It's mean there will be epidemic happen on humans and animals.

According to NASA, there will be El Nino effect for the year 2007. So whether this year is a summer year or a raining year, only time will tell. I will let you know by next year.

Some how, both also predict a serious pandemic this year, I really hope they all wrongly predict it.

Once again happy Chinese New Year to all.