Thursday, February 01, 2007


If someone telling you that you are monopoly a section/area/product/technology/service, what is he mean?

Is he mean:

1. I had been forced to use your product/service!
2. You had charged me with sky high price and yet I still need to pay to you.
3. I can't question your product/service quality.
4. I need to look at your face to use your product/service.
5. You had stopped other competitor to enter the market/area that you are in.
6. I need to see your bastard face everyday!
7. I'm losing money cause I had to paid very high price to you.
8. You are suck!
9. All related product/service have to be purchase from you.
10. You had screwed up my plan!
11. ...

I think I need to read more psychology and law books to understand the meaning the meaning behind these words.